2018 Maha Bharani Shraddha Pooja Date And Puja Timing

Bharani Shraddha Friday 28th September 2018
Auspicious Shraddha Timings:

Kutup Muhurat = 11:47 AM to 12:35 PM
Duration = 0 Hours 47 Mins
Rohina Muhurat = 12:35 PM to 1:22 PM
Duration = 0 Hours 47 Mins
Aparahna Kaal = 1:22 PM to 3:44 PM
Duration = 2 Hours 22 Mins
Bharani Nakshatra Starts = 2:23 AM on 28-September-2018
Bharani Nakshatra Ends = 2:29 AM on 29-September-2018

Maha Bharani ShraddhaAbout Maha Bharani Shraddha:

Bharani Shraddha is performed during Pitru Paksha when Bharani Nakshatra conquer during Aparahna Kala. Bharani Nakshatra overcome either on Chaturthi Tithi or Panchami Tithi during Mahalaya Paksha.

Bharani Shraddha is also known as Chauth Bharani or Bharani Panchami when Bharani Nakshatra overcomes during Aparahna on Chaturthi Tithi or on Panchami Tithi respectively.

Bharani Shraddha is known as Maha Bharani Shraddha. Nakshatra Bharani is significant during Pitru Paksha because it is ruled by Yama, the God of the Death.

The benefits of doing this Bharani Shraddha are equivalent to those of Gaya Shraddha. Usually Bharani Nakshatra Shraddha is performed once after the death of the person but according to Dharmasindhu and also be performed every year.

Pitru Paksha Shraddhas are Parvan Shraddhas and auspicious time to perform them is either Kutup Muhurat and Rohina etc. Muhurat after that till Aparahna Kala gets over. Tarpan is done at the end of the Shraddha.

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