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2021 Alamelu Mangapuram Kanakambara Sahita Koti Pushpa Yagam

2021 Tiruchanur Kanakambara Sahita Koti Pushpa Yagam:

To overcome the financial crisis created in the world due to the Covid pandemic, TTD mulled on Kanakambara Sahita Koti Malle Pushpa Yagam in Tiruchanoor from July 16 to July 24 for which Ankurarpanam will be held on July 15.

As Sri Padmavathi Devi is regarded as the incarnation of Sri Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Riches, by performing this Yagam, her blessings will be called upon to overcome poverty.

This event will be performed at Sri Krishna Mukha Mandapam during these days and every day 400 kilograms of flowers will be used.

A total of 158 Ritwiks will take part in this Yagam. This Yagam will take place under the supervision of Pancharatra Agama Advisor Sri Srinivasacharyulu.

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