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2022 Jaya Ekadashi Puja Date And Pooja Timings

Jaya Ekadashi Vrat Saturday 12th February 2022
Jaya Ekadashi Parana Timings:
On 13th, Parana Time = 7:05 AM to 9:17 AM
On Parana Day Dwadashi End Moment = 6:41 PM
Ekadashi Tithi Starts = 1:51 PM on 11-February-2022
Ekadashi Tithi Ends = 4:26 PM on 12-February-2022

Jaya Ekadashi Parana

About Jaya Ekadashi:
Ekadashi fast is done in dedication to Lord Vishnu. People who observe fast break it at an auspicious time. The word Parana refers to the act of breaking fast and in the case of Ekadashi Parana, it is done soon after sunrise on the subsequent day of fast. However look up Hindu Calendar for identifying that Parana time as it should fall within Dwadashi Tithi or else it would appear as committing to an offence.

It is vital to ensure the correct timing for doing Parana as this must not be undertaken while Hari Vasara is prevailing. Hari Vasara is nothing but the first chauthayi (1/4th) part of the duration during Dwadashi Tithi. Appropriate way to do Parana is at Pratahkaal and avoid doing so during Madhyahna. However if due to some reason, one cannot do Parana at Pratakaal then do it during Madhyahna.

Smartha i.e. devotee having family life can observe Ekadasha fast on the first day itself. For Sanyasis and Moksha-driven devotees, however, there exist two Ekadashi fasting days. First day of Ekadashi fasting and also second day. Besides Sanyasis, widows also participate in this fast. It is believed Moksha-aspiring people do the Ekadashi fast and observe Jaya Ekadashi Parana for seeking the divine blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Things to follow when observing Jaya Ekadashi fast:
* Take a bath early in the morning, best before sunrise.

* After taking bath, offer your prayers to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

* Try to take onetime food (light foods like breakfast items or fruits or milk on this day.

* Avoid consuming grains, cereals, beans & spices.

* Should not drink alcohol or eat non-vegetarian food on this auspicious day.

* In the evening, chant the Lord Shiva Aarti and Lord Vishnu Aarti.

2022 Jaya Ekadashi Puja Date And Pooja Timings

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