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2030 Sri Madhvacharya Jayanthi Date And Pooja Timings

About Saint Sri Madhva Jayanti:
Sri Madhvacharya Jayanthi or Sri Madhva Jayanti is celebrated on Dashami Tithi of Ashwin Shukla Paksha. Sri Madhvacharya (1238-1317 C.E.) was born on the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami (Dussehra) in 1238 C.E. at Pajaka, a small village near Udupi.

Madhvacharya’s followers have not referred about his death but his departure to Badri in 1317 C.E. at the age of 79 is documented. That day when Sri Madhvacharya proceeded to Badri is celebrated as Madhva Navami, which is also referred by his disciples as disappearance day of Madhva Acharya.

Sri Madhvacharya Jayanthi

Sri Madhvacharya was regarded as the promoter of Dvaita Vedanta. This philosophy considers Brahman and individual souls as mutually separate entities and eternal. Dvaita Vedanta philosophy is based on principles of dualism, which is opposite to Advaita Vedanta philosophy as well as the philosophy of Vishishta Advaita Vedanta .

The philosophy of Dvaita Vedanta is also called as Tattvavada or the Philosophy of Reality. It identifies God with Brahman completely and further with Lord Vishnu and his various incarnations.

Madhvacharya Jayanti Sunday 6th October 2030
Sri Madhvacharya Jayanthi Timings:
792th Birth Anniversary of Sri Madhvacharya
Dashami Tithi Starts = 6:52 PM on 5-October-2030
Dashami Tithi Ends = 5:32 PM on 6-October-2030

2030 Sri Madhvacharya Jayanthi Date And Pooja Timings

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