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24 Dos and Don’ts for Pithru Dosha Or Pitru Paksha Puja


1) Peace for Dead Souls:
Pitri Paksha begins on 5 September 2017. Purnima Sraddha On 19 September 2017 – Amavasya Shraddha, Pitri Paksha ends. Sraddha or Shradh offered during Pitri Paksha, ie, dark fortnight or Krishna paksha in the month of Ashwin (September-October) is of great importance in Hindu religion. Sraddha are ceremonies and rituals accomplished for deceased souls of dead ancestors. It is believed that souls will attain peace through Shraddh rituals performed during the fortnight.

2) Shradh in Ashwin Pitru Paksha:
It is believed that the Shradh played in Ashwin Pitru Paksha reached the ancestors immediately and their souls will rest in peace. The Hindu Puranas are full of details about Sraddha, especially Agni Purana, Garuda Purana and Matysa Purana. It is Yama, the god of death in Hindu mythology, who explained the importance of Sraddha to Pitri Paksha. The rituals and foods offered to the ancestors are instantly attained. The ancestors bless those who perform the ritual. The Hindus also believe that all sinful acts committed by the dead will be purified by Sraddha. It is said that those souls who do not receive Sraddha wander aimlessly on the earth and sometimes maltreat their progeny, which we call Pitri dosha.

Pithru Dosha Or Pitru Paksha Puja

3) Dos and don’ts for Shradh:
Two and do not do for the rituals of Shradh In Shradh, many things must be followed. Here are a few and should not be aware …

4) Need to use cow milk, curd and ghee:
In all rituals of Shradh, milk, curd (yogurt) or ghee (clarified butter) must be cow. We should avoid cows that gave birth to a calf recently. There must be at least ten days of calf from that cow, whose milk is to be used.

5) Offer food in silverware:
The use of cutlery in Shradh is considered favorable and also good for making a gift to priests or Brahmins. It is believed that silver kills the forces of evil. If the ancestors receive water, pind (a block of rice) or cutlery, they are fully satisfied.

6) Offer food with both hands:
When you offer feast to Shradh Brahmins, bring the food trays and chafing dishes by holding with both hands. If you hold these trays with one hand, it is believed that all food is taken away by the forces of the devil and that nothing goes to our ancestors.

7) Brahmins should consume food in silence:
Every Shradh Brahmin must take food without saying a word. Even the admiration of the food or a good or bad comment on the quality of the food or not. of foodstuffs is prohibited. It is believed that our ancestors (pitr) enjoy food through these Shradh Brahmins until they remain calm and focus on eating without renting the quality of food.

8) How and when to perform Puja Shradh?:
We should execute Pitri puja the day the ancestors died and also on chaturdashi, that is, the 14th, of pitr paksha, that is, the ancestor died because of the use weapons. They make happy by driving the Puja Shradh in two days. In addition, such a Shradh puja must be carried out in secret. If it is seen by ordinary people, the offer does not reach our ancestors.

9) Why are Brahmins offered food in Shradh:
The Brahmins of Pitri Puja must be fed. Those who perform rituals of Shradh puja without feeding the Brahmans, their ancestors do not accept this puja.

10) Using Barley, Peas and Mustard in Shradh:
It is always good to use barley, Kaangani, a type of millet, pea and mustard in Shradh pooja. If we use more sesame, the puja becomes highly auspicious and good fortune never perishes. In fact, sesame protects from the forces of the devil. The Kush (a kind of sacred grass, called bot-Eragrostis cynosuroides), protects extraterrestrial souls from the devil, if used in puja.

11) Why is shradh done on the banks or forests of rivers?
Shradh karma should not be carried out on lands occupied by others. Forests, mountains, temples, pilgrimages, river banks, etc., are considered open and are not owned by anyone. Therefore, these locations can be used.

12) Qualified Brahmin required:
We should prefer the Brahmin properly qualified for puja Shradh, because we know that pitar (ancestors) take food and gifts through these brahmans.

13) Inviting extended family is a must:
Invite your sisters, their husbands and children’s, if they live in your city. If you lose yourself, your offer of pitar will not be accepted because even the gods refuse to force these people.

14) Feeding the poor people:
While Shrah pooja happens, if a beggar comes, you should also be served food with the same respect. If you ignore the beggar, the auction is not considered complete and all favorable results are destroyed.

15) When not to perform Shradh:
One should never run Shradh on Shuklpaksh (waxing moon fortnight), at night, on the combined days (ie two Tithi the same day) and on his birthday. According to the scriptures, Shradh makes the night among evil souls. Evening or night time is prohibited for any ritual related to shradh. Donation made in the name of ancestors becomes most auspicious, if donated in the 8th muhurtha of the day.

16) Ancestor Blessings:
Blessings of enchanted and satisfied Pitar ancestors (ancestors) bestowed on their offspring with children, money, education, long life, health, happiness of the world, salvation and paradise. Krishnpaksh (New Moon) is considered better for Shradh than Shuklpaksh.

17) Serving food in Shradh Puja:
These things are important to carry out a pooja shradh: Ganga water, milk, honey, yoghurt, kush (a sacred herb) and sesame. The food of Sraddha is forbidden on the banana leaf. Plates of gold, silver, bronze, and copper are good. If this is not possible, a common paper card or similar can be used.

18) Offering Pind/Pindam to Ancestors:
The ancestors are satisfied with the basil. The whistle is supposed to go to the dwelling of Vishnu at Garuda (the eagle as the great mystical bird). If pinda (a ball like rice and barley structure) is worshiped by sacred basil, the ancestors are happy and fully secured until the next divine holocaust.

19) Right Puja Asan for Shradh Pooja:
The good offer for puja shradh puja seated cushions for puja should be silk, blankets, wool, wood, grass, foliage, kusha grass, etc. These are excellent. Under no circumstances should the iron be used.

20) Prohibited prohibited food products:
Gram, lentil, black gram, horse gram, barley, radish, black cumin, Bauhinia, cucumber, black gram, black salt, pumpkin, large mustard, mustard and stale mustard, rotten fruit or grains pussy shradh

21) Requirement of Shradh pooja:
The major part of the Shradh pooja are:
a) Tarpan: – Milk, sesame, flower, incense, perfumed water etc. are offered to pitar. This offering should be done daily in pitri paksha.
b) Meal and Pindadan/Pindadanam:- Brahmins are fed for the good of the ancestors. Pinda rice or barley should also be offered in charity.
c) Vastra dan or donating clothes:- It’s one of the foremost aim of this puja.
d) Dakshina dan:- Dakshina (money offering) is regarded as the consort of a sacrifice or yagya. Till dakshina and clothing’s are offered to Brahmin’s, the auspicious results are not possible.

22) Inviting Brahmin’s for Shradh pooja:
Invite all Brahmans before the start date of your shradh puja. The Brahmans must be seated facing the south.

23) Offering Kheer to Brahmins:
Brahmins must be fed with flour prepared from milk, curd, ghee and honey and kheer (rice boiled in milk). Take special care to feed the Brahmins.

24) Offering for Animals:
Keep some of the food prepared for cows, dogs, crows, gods and ants separated. Next, keep water, rice, sandalwood, flowers and sesame in your hand and make a resolution on behalf of your Brahman ancestors.

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