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Aaloo Tikka Paneer Navratri Special Food

Ingredients to Make Aaloo Tikka Paneer:

Paneer 250 grams (fresh),
1 large capsicum,
1 large boiled potato,
1/2 cup fresh thick curd,
1 cup coriander leaves,
2-3 green chillies,
1/2 tsp chopped ginger,
1/2 lemon,
Fresh butter as required
Rock salt

How to Prepare Aaloo Tikka Paneer:

First cut the fresh paneer into thick square pieces. Cut potato, tomato and capsicum into even pieces. Grind coriander, green chillies and ginger and make a paste. Add yogurt, salt, lemon juice to it.

Now mix cheese and vegetables in it and keep it in freeze for 1/2 hour. Now in the Cinco, thread the pieces of paneer, capsicum, tomato and potato one by one respectively. Top it with butter and bake it in a hot oven.

Navratri Aaloo Tikka Paneer

Aaloo Tikka Paneer Navratri Special Food

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