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About Dhanteras Puja | About Dhantrayodashi Puja | About Lakshmi Puja

The first day of the five-day long Diwali festival is observed as Dhantrayodashi or Dhanteras. It is believed that on the day of Dhantrayodashi, Goddess Lakshmi appeared while churning the Milky Ocean. Goddess Lakshmi, along with Lord Kubera who is regarded as the God of wealth, is worshipped on the auspicious day of Trayodashi. Nevertheless, Lakshmi Puja performed on Amavasya after two days of Dhantrayodashi is considered more important.

Lakshmi Puja on Dhantrayodashi should be performed during Pradosh Kaal, which begins after sunset and continues for approximately 2 hours and 24 minutes.

Dhanteras Puja

We do not suggest to follow Choghadiya Muhurat to perform Dhanteras Puja because it is worthy only for travelling. It may be noted that the best time for Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras is during Pradosh Kaal when Sthir Lagna prevails. Sthir Lagna means fixed Lagna. If the Puja is done during Sthir Lagna, Lakshmiji will stay in your home; and so, this is the best time for Dhanteras Pujan. Vrishabha Lagna is considered as Sthir Lagna, which usually overlaps with Pradosh Kaal during Diwali event.

We provide you exact time window for Dhanteras Puja. The Muhurat times recommended by us contain Pradosh Kaal and Sthir Lagna while Trayodashi prevails. We provide Muhurat based on the particular location, and hence you should not forget to select your city first before noting down Shubh Dhanteras Puja timings.

The day of Dhanteras is also observed as Dhanwantari Triodasi or Dhanvantri Jayanti, which is the birth anniversary of the God of Ayurveda. Another ritual on the same Trayodashi Tithi is Yamadeep, when the lamp for Yama, the God of death, is lit outside the home to prevent any untimely death of family members.

The whole team of Templesinindiainfo.com wishes you happy and prosperous Dhantrayodashi.

Dhanteras Puja Vidhi Step 1:– Light Earthen Lamp For Lord Yama (Yama deepak)
1. Take a small wooden slab with small legs (पट्टा).
2. Make a swastik with roli on it.
3. Now put an earthen lamp on it and light the earthen lamp.
4. Now take a cowry shell with hole and put it into earthen lamp.
5. Shower water (Gangajal or pure water) around lamp 3 times.
6. Put tilak of roli on lamp. Then put raw whole rice on tilak.
7. Offer some sugar to it. (Just put some sugar in the lamp).
8. Put 1 rupee coin in it.
9. Now offer some flowers to lamp.
10. Do pranam to earthen lamp.
11. Offer tilak to family members.
12. Now place this lamp outside main gate of your house. Place it on right side of door. It’s flame must face towards south direction.

Dhanteras Puja Vidhi Step 2:– How to Do Dhanwantari Puja
After lighting earthen lamp for Lord Yama do dhanwantari puja at your home.
1. Sit in your puja room.
2. Recite Dhanwantari Mantra at least 108 times. Dhanwantari mantra is : “Om Dhan Dhanvantaraye Namah” “ॐ धं धन्वन्तरये नमः“.
3. Say after the end of recitation, “O Lord Dhanwantari! I offer this recitation in your lotus feet. Please give us good health.”

Dhanteras Puja Vidhi Step 3:– How to Do Ganesh Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras
After Dhanwantari puja you must do panchopchar puja of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi.

1) Ganesh Panchopchar Puja- First do puja of Ganesh ji.
* Show earthen lamp to him.
* Offer dhoop to him.
* Offer scent to Lord Ganesha.
* Offer flowers in his lotus feet.
* Offer sweets (naivedya) to Lord Ganesh.

2) Lakshmi Panchopchar Puja: Do panchopchar puja of Goddess Lakshmi same as you did of Lord Ganesh.

About Dhanteras Puja | About Dhantrayodashi Puja | About Lakshmi Puja

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