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About Goddess Kamala , Mantras, Benefits, History, Lotus Goddess of Spiritual Wealth

About Goddess Kamala:

Goddess Kamala is one of the Ten Mahavidyas who is known as the wisdom Goddesses. She is also the Hindu Goddess of consciousness and creation. Goddess Kamala is represented as a beautiful woman adorned with golden skin and seated or standing on a lotus. She is also seen holding two more lotuses that symbolize both fertility and purity. The Goddess is accompanied by huge elephants who pour jars of nectar on Her. Goddess Kamala is considered as the Mahavidya form of Goddess Lakshmi, who represents wealth and beauty. As one of the Ten Mahavidyas Goddess Kamala represents the unfolding of inner consciousness into the richness of creation. The Goddess is known for the power to eradicate poverty, both material and spiritual. Kamala’s name, which means, ‘She of the lotus’ is also seen as Kamalatmika.

Kamala Goddess has an elegant golden complexion. In Her four hands She holds two lotuses and is seen granting boons and giving assurance to Her devotees. She wears a dazzling crown on Her head and puts on a silken dress. She also wears a kaustibha Gem and has a smiling face. The Goddess is seen seated on a lotus in a lotus posture. As the Goddess of material and spiritual wealth and beauty, Kamala is worshipped during tough economic times. She is a benign Goddess who blesses Her devotees with good luck, power, wealth and safety.

Goddess Kamala is also widely known for Her creative force. She has the power to create beauty and wealth around us, and to see beauty in everything. The bija mantra or the seed mantra of the Goddess is EE. In transliterated Sanskrit there would be an i with the line over the top. One needs to place an M after the EE, to make EEM. This would show Her complete energy in beej form. From EE sound to closed M makes the range of Her Shakti. This is the primal Shakti beej, this sound is heard in all other beejam such as Shreem, Hreem, Kreem. This EEM beej is sometimes named as Yoni beej. Yoni is the form of a female’s sex organ and is in form of a lotus. It is the basic female principle. Goddess Kamala is also considered the most beautiful Mahavidya.”

“Kamala as lotus Goddess also represents developement of the person by maintaining the dharma of keeping the seven chakras open. She upholds sadhana. Lotus=chakra. Lotus Goddess is advancement Goddess. This is why She, as Shree or Lakshmi, is called Shakti of Shiva.

In beauty the Goddesses who most represent Her are Shree, Lakshmi, Bala, and Lalita. She is very sattvic like Venus or Aphrodite, and of the Mahavidyas most like the Christian Mary.
Kamala is the first and most primal female energy. More developed, She takes on the other qualities of the other Mahavidyas. In fact, there is really no difference here because we are discussing deities that can change forms like lycantropes.

When God manifests She does so to suit the moment like how we humans dress for success. We don’t always try to look uptight and professional, sometimes we like to dress down in bikinis and relax. Kamala is very much dressed down and relaxed.

To worship Her in any form is acceptable because She is in all forms as all forms are from Prakriti or Mother Nature. We still maintain decorum even in bikinis. So also Her worship entails restraint. She is the Light Goddess and likes fine and sattvic things and actions like charity.

As bride of Vishnu She loves a person who preserves other lives.

Ask Her to help and She will give you Her blessings. But remain generous and faithful or She will be fickle. You should worship Her during hard times for relief. She gives peace, prosperity and pleasure, and moksha.”

Kamala Origin:- Goddess Kamala is same as Goddess Lakshmi.

Kamala Iconography:- Goddess Kamala is portrayed in red dress and lavishly adorned with golden jewelry. She has golden complexion. She is depicted with four arms. In two arms, She holds lotus flowers and with remaining two arms She makes boon-giving and being-fearless gestures which are known as Varada and Abhaya Mudra respectively.

She is flanked by four elephants who are shown giving Abhishekam to Goddess Kamala who is sitting in the midst of the ocean on a lotus flower.

Kamala Sadhana:- Goddess Kamala Sadhana is performed to gain wealth and prosperity.

Goddess Kamala Mantras:

Kamala Mool Mantra:
ॐ ह्रीं अष्ट महालक्ष्म्यै नमः॥
Om Hreem Ashta Mahalakshmyai Namah॥

Ekakshar Kamala Mantra (1 Syllable Mantra):

Dvyakshar Samrajya Lakshmi Mantra (2 Syllables Mantra):
स्ह्क्ल्रीं हं॥
Shklreem Ham॥

Tryakshar Samrajya Lakshmi Mantra (3 Syllables Mantra):
श्रीं क्लीं श्रीं॥
Shreem Kleem Shreem॥

Chaturakshar Kamala Mantra (4 Syllables Mantra):
ऐं श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं॥
Aim Shreem Hreem Kleem॥

Panchakshar Kamala Mantra (5 Syllables Mantra):
श्रीं क्लीं श्रीं नमः॥
Shreem Kleem Shreem Namah॥

Navakshar Siddhi Lakshmi Mantra (9 Syllables Mantra):
ॐ ह्रीं हूं हां ग्रें क्षों क्रों नमः॥
Om Hreem Hum Haam Grem Kshom Krom Namah॥

Dashakshari Kamala Mantra (10 Syllables Mantra):
नमः कमलवासिन्यै स्वाहा॥
Namah Kamalavasinyai Svaha॥

Goddess Kamala Pooja Benefits:

Helps pacify the strong ill-effects of the malefic period of Moon
Helps pacify the strong ill-effects of the Vish Yog
Helps pacify the strong ill-effects of the Chandra Grahan Yog
People gains prosperity & wealth in all aspects of life
She protects her devotees from debt, bankruptcies & failure in Business
Protects from Joblessness
The house of devotees is filled with the happiness
Poverty goes away from ones life
Protects from Suicidal Thoughts
Protects from Anxiety
The mind of devotees is filled with the happiness
The darkness goes away from ones mind
Protects from Depression
Protects from mental diseases

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