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About Krishna Pushkar | Pushkaram Details and History

The river is the fourth largest river Krishna, which is about 1,300 kilometers long. It hails from Maharashtra Mahabaleshwar and leaves the Bay of Bengal at Hamsaladeevi. The river flows through Karnataka and ends its journey in Andhra Pradesh before reaching its final destination ie., Bay of Bengal. Most of the Krishna river is connected to Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh.
Krishna Pushkaralu is a festival of Krishna River, which typically occurs once in 12 years. The Pushkaralu is observed over a period of 12 days from the date of Jupiter in Virgo (Kanya Rasi).

Pushkaram-Pushkar History

Vijayawada is located on the banks of the Krishna River. Vijayawada is very famous for Krishna Pushkaralu. Krishna Pushkaralu will take place from August 12 to 23. During the festival, devotees will take a bath in the holy river Krishna to wash their sins.

History: According to legend, A Brahmin lived in a village. He did severe penance to Lord Shiva. Therefore, Lord Shiva granted an advantage because it has been blessed with the power to purify the sacred rivers. Since then it is known as Pushkar (nourishing). While traveling from one zodiac sign to another, also known as Brihaspati Jupiter Pushkar asked to the 12 holy rivers saint. Various pujas and rituals were performed during the Pushkaralu.

The festival lasts as long as Jupiter remains in the corresponding zodiac sign. The main crowds will be crowded during the first 12 days. The first 12 days when Jupiter enters the sign of the zodiac and the last 12 days on the zodiac are considered most appropriate. The first twelve days are known as Adi pushkaram, and the last twelve days are called Anthya Pushkaram. It is believed that during this period twenty-four days Pushkar will travel with Jupiter as it moves from one zodiac sign to another and will not make sacred river Krishna. Pushkaralu begins August 12, 2016, in the morning.

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