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About Maalikapurathamma Who Wished to Marry Ayyappa Swamy

Maalikappuram temple, located south of the main temple of Sabarimala, is dedicated to Malikapurathamma, the Devi who was dedicated to Ayyappa swamy and wanted to marry him. One of the stories about Maalikapurathamma is related to Kalari school, Cheerappanchira.

Raja Pandalam admitted Ayyappa to this school to study the martial arts (Kalari) of the guru Kalari Panicker. Leela, his daughter fell in love with the prince. But being a brahmachari, Ayyappa could not accept his passion. But he said he would marry her if there was no Kanni Ayyappas in Sabarimala.

Another story related to Malikapurathamma is as follows: after the death of Mahishi, a beautiful woman appeared from the body of Mahishi. She asked Ayyappa to marry her and accept her as his soul mate. But because of his mission and status as a yogi, Ayyappa rejected her. But at the incessant request of the girl, the Lord tells her that she will definitely marry him at this time when there will be no more Kanni Ayyappas in his house in Sabarimala.

It is said that the Malikappurathamma is Madhura Meenakshi, the Kula Paradevatha of the Pandalam Royal Family who has connections with the Pandya Dynasty.

The main rituals in the Maalikappuram temple are Pattudayada, Pottu, Chandu, Kanmashi, Vala and Bhagavati Seva. Rolling coconuts (thengai urutt) is another important ritual that takes place in this temple. The secondary deities of this temple are Nagaraja, Navagrahas and KochuKadathuSwami. Every year, Malikappurathamma goes from Malikapuram Temple to Saramkuthi. This procession is decorated with traditional music including pandy melam. The same procession will return to Malikappuram in a silent way, symbolizes the grief of Devi who sees thousands of arrows at Saramkuthy. It is a symbolic ritual to know if Kanni Ayyappas visited Sabarimala. After seeing thousands of arrows at Saramkuthi, Devi sadly returns to his sanctuary and waits for the next season to begin. The Manimandapam, where Ayyappa meditated to become the Moorthy, is also here.


There was only one Peeda Prathishta (sacred seat) in Malikappuram until the disaster of the Sabarimala fire. The idol of Malikappurathamma was installed by Brahmasree Kandararu Maheswararu Thanthri. The Devi at Malikappuram has a Sankh, Chakram and Varada Abhya Mudras. Now the idol is covered with a gold Golaka. The temple has also been rebuilt over the last decade and now the conical roof and sopanam are covered with gold.

About Maalikapurathamma Who Wished to Marry Ayyappa Swamy

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