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About Narasimha Avataram, Nrsimha, Nrusimha, Narasingha

Narasimha or Narasingh or Narsingh or Nrsimha or Nrusimha and Narasingha in derived languages is an avatar of Sri Vishnu and one of the most popular deities of Hinduism, as evidenced by the first epics, iconography and worship in temples and festivals for over a millennium

Narasimha is often viewed with a torso and lower part of the human body, with a lion-shaped face and claws. This image is widely worshipped by a large number of Vaisnava followers. Sri Vishnu took this form at the top of Himvat mountain (Harivamsa). He is mainly known as the “great protector” who specifically defends and protects his devotees when needed. Vishnu is believed to have taken the avatar to destroy the demon king Hiranyakashipu.

The word Narasimha means ‘lion-man’ which usually means ‘half man and half lion’.

Narasimha Swamy Other Names are:

Agnilochana – the one who has fiery eyes
Bhairavadambara – the one who causes terror by roaring
Karala – the one who has a wide mouth and projecting teeth
Hiranyakashipudvamsa – the one who killed Hiranyakashipu
Nakhastra – the one for whom nails are his weapons
Sinhavadana – the whose face is of lion
Mrigendra – king of animals or lion

About Narasimha Avataram, Nrsimha, Nrusimha, Narasingha

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