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Aliabad Sarai Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism

Aliabad Sarai (guesthouse in Urdu) is situated in that location for more than four or five centuries on the main roads of Falaknuma and Charminar, when someone is asked about it then people will be giving blank look and replied nothing about it. The Aliabad’s sarai element is located in the mulit’s stretch or in the shops that is situated below the Masjid-e-eAlms which is at Aliabad. The design of this single structure is totally different and this lies inside the building that is made thick by the concrete.

In the olden days, the total area is surrounded by many big walls and there are a total of thirteen gates of Brobdingn and these doors are not allowed to open after dawn and once the light comes they will clean it. On the top of these gates the Barraza’s acts as the saris.

These are actually used as places of rest like lodging to the travellers who come to this place in the olden days. Only the sarai of Nampally or the sarai of Jacaranda Khan in yellow are the things that are still in the minds of the people.

aliabad-sarai-hyderabadDuring and after the time of Qutub Shahi these structures are engineered well and all these are listed in the structures that are in the first grade structures that are listed by the HMDA as the monuments of heritage.There are a total of rooms that are od and 8o in number which inside the sarai and are serving the purpose of providing shelter for all the retailers. And moreover the bigger gates are all razed many years ago.

Aliabad Sarai Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism

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