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Annamayya Keerthana – Hari Naamamu Kadu in Malayalam With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Hari Naamamu Kadu Lyrics in Malayalam:

ഹരിനാമമു കഡു നാനംദകരമു
മരുഗവോ മരുഗവോ മരുഗവോ മനസാ ||

നളിനാക്ഷു ശ്രീനാമമു
കലിദോഷഹരമു കൈവല്യമു |
ഫലസാരമു ബഹുബംധ മോചനമു
തലചവോ തലചവോ മനസാ ||

നഗധരു നാമമു നരകഹരണമു
ജഗദേകഹിതമു സമ്മതമു |
സഗുണ നിര്ഗുണമു സാക്ഷാത്കാരമു
പൊഗഡവോ പൊഗഡവോ പൊഗഡവോ മനസാ ||

കഡഗി ശ്രീവേംകടപതി നാമമു
ഒഡി ഒഡിനേ സംപത്കരമു |
അഡിയാലം ബില നതി സുഖമൂലമു
തഡവവോ തഡവവോ തഡവവോ മനസാ ||

Hari Naamamu Kadu Meaning:

Oh mind ! Take the name of Hari, it gives you everlasting bliss. So do Saranu Saranu Saranu (marugavo -saranu vedavo) to his name.

The great name of lotus eyed one(nalinakshuni) is the destroyer of the faultiness of kali (kali dosham) and gives you the ultimate liberation(kaivalyam). It is the essence of the fruits (here fruits means the vedas, smritis and itihasas, which are sweet and lead to liberation) and the name is the reliever or destroyer of all sort of bondage’s. Oh mind! Think Think Think of His name.

The name of the Govinda (nagadharu namamu…He got this name by taking up the hill Govardhana on his little finger) which destroys the hell for you and it is the good for the whole universe and also ACCEPTABLE(saastra sammatamu).His name is both with and with out qualities (here with out qualities means WITHOUT ANY BAD QUALITIES(which is the basis of visishtadwaitam)…people may confuse here also like it is a statement supporting advaitam…if people want to discus about this , i suggest to start them a new thread for this discussion) and that name gives you HIS true vision (sakshatkaram). Oh mind ! Praise Praise Praise HIM.

The great name of sri venkatapati will give you all the wealth’s. His name is the sign (adiyalam – sign, ila-in this worldly life) for the root of the utmost pleasure in this worldly life. Oh mind ! Drown Drown Drown in HIS name.

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Annamayya Keerthana – Hari Naamamu Kadu in Malayalam With Meaning

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