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Annual Brahmotsavams Ankurarpanam

9 February 2015 Srinivasa Mangapuram : On Monday evening the Ankurarpanam ceremony was celebrated with religious fervor in the Srinivasa Mangapuram temple.

As a beginning to the annual brahmotsavams Ankurarpanam or the “sacred seed sowing ceremony” is performed at 6 pm in srinivasa mangapuram, nine varieties of holy seeds have been sowed in the holy soil. This ceremony signifies the beginning of festival in the temple. This is followed by a musical performance of vedic hymns.

Later the commander-in-chief of Lord Venkateswara, Sri Vishwaksena Swamy was taken around the four mada streets in tirupati in a grand parade. The holy warrior has invited all the three crore deities to take part in the nine-day mega religious event of his Supremo Master.

DyEO Mr.Sridhar, AEO Mr.Dhanajeyulu, temple staff and others took part in the ceremony.Ankurarpanam-flower ankurarpanam-Srinivasa-Mangapuram Srinivasa-Mangapuram-temple Srinivasa Mangapuram-decoratiomphoto from ttd

Annual Brahmotsavams Ankurarpanam

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