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Balapur Ganesh Laddu Winner Names List

The tradition of the Laddu auction started in 1994. The amount of the first auction was Rs 450 and the winner at the time was resident K.Mohan Reddy. Finally, this amount was spent on social activities in the village. Every year, Balapur conducts an audition for the Ganesh Laddu. Many people all over the state come to participate in the audition and wish to grab the laddu. Everyone believes, the Balapur Ganesh Laddu brings good fortune to the people who bought it.

Balapur Ganesh Laddu Winner Name Year Wise:

YearBalapur Ganesh Laddu Winner NamePrice in Rs
1994Kolanu Mohan Reddy450
1995Kolanu Mohan Reddy4500
1996Kolanu Krishna Reddy18,000
1997Kolanu Mohan Reddy28,000
1998Kolanu Mohan Reddy51,000
1999Kallam Prathap Reddy65,000
2000Kallam Anji Reddy66,000
2001G Raghunandan Chary85,000
2002Kandhada Madhava Reddy1,05,000
2003chigirintha Bal Reddy1,55,000
2004Kolanu Mohan Reddy2,01,000
2005Ibram Shekar2,08,000
2006Chigirintha Tirupathi Reddy3,00,000
2007G Raghunandan Chary4,15,000
2008Kolanu Mohan Reddy5,07,000
2010Kodali Sridhar Babu5,35,000
2011Kolanu Brothers5,45,000
2012Pannala Govardhan Reddy7,50,000
2013Teegala Krishna Reddy9,26,000
2014Singreddy Jai Hind Reddy9,50,000
2015Kolanu Madan Mohan Reddy10,32,000
2016Skylab Reddy14,65,000
2017Nagam Tirupathi Reddy15,65,000
2018Srinivas Guptha16,60,000
2019Kolanu Rami Reddy17,67,000
2022Laxma Reddy24,60,000

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