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Basara Sri Gnana Saraswati Temple Accommodation Details

Guest Houses in Basara:

SlGuest House NameRoom TypePrice Rs.
1Sri Rajanna Nilayam2 Suits (A.C)Rs,, 1500-00 (per one)
2Sri Soma Guest House4 Suits (A.C)Rs,, 1200-00 (per one)
3Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Guest House, Dwaraka Thirumala3 Suits(A.C)Rs,, 1000-00 (per one)
4Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Guest House Vemulawada3 Suits (A.C)Rs,, 1000-00 (per one)
5Sri Durga Malleshwara Swamy Guest House, Vijayawada1 Suits (A.C)Rs,, 800-00 (per one)
6Sri Laxmi Narsimha  Swamy Guest House, Yadagirigutta4 Suits (A.C)Rs,, 800-00 (per one)
7Sri Srisailam Guest House3 SuitsRs,, 800-00 (per one)
8T.T.D 100 Rooms Choultry100 RoomsRs,, 200-00 (per one)

Basara Dormitory Building:

S.NORent Per Day Rs.
Hall No. 01
02Hall No. 02800-00
03Hall No. 03500-00
04Hall No. 04500-00
051st FLOOR
Hall No. 01
06Hall No. 021000-00
07Hall No. 03500-00
08Hall No. 04500-00
09Hall No. 05300-00
10Hall No. 06300-00
11Hall No. 07500-00
122nd FLOOR
Hall No. 01
13Hall No. 021000-00
14Hall No. 03500-00
15Hall No. 04500-00
16Hall No. 05300-00
17Hall No. 06300-00
18Hall No. 07500-00
Basara Sri Gnana Saraswati Temple Accommodation Details

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