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Bata Lokanatha Shiva Temple Timings, History

About Bata Lokanatha Shiva Temple:

Bata Lokanatha Shiva Temple is situated right side of Beach road which is leading from Shri Jagannath Temple to Swargadwara and Beach. The nearby area of the temple comes under the name, Bali Sahi. And the road is locally known as UaansDanda.

Scriptures and famous historians ascribe that from 497 CE to 1435CE evolution of Bramhan society and the Shaivite worship preached to its peak. As the time known as “Golden era”. According to MADALAPANJI; Chodaganga Deva, Gangaswara Deva, Kamadev, Rajarajeswardeva, Anangabhima Deva l, Anangabhima Deva ll, Langula Narasimha Deva, Kapilendra Deva and other several Kings established many Shiva Temple across the Odisha during their reign.

The shrine of “Bata Lokanatha” is located right side of the road which is leading from Shri Mandir to Swargavdwara. In past, the temple was situated near the Radhankanta Matha but later during the 15th or 16th century, it was transferred near to the Govardhan Sankarachaarya Matha.
Apart from Panchamahadev of puri, who known as Pancha Pandhav and have ritualistic relation with Lord Jagannatha, Bata Lokanatha mainly known as the sixth Pandhav or Karna.

Bata Lokanatha Shiva Temple

The kaligan style temple has a Rekha Vimana and Pidha Jagamohan. The enshrined deity is a Shivalinga within a circular yonipitha. The raha niches of three sides of vimana are consisting three parswadevatas; Uma Maheswar, Ganesha and Kartikeya. Some unusual erotic sculptures and copulation scenes are situated in the southern wall of the temple. Festivals like sitalsasthi(Marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati on the month of Jyestha), Shivaratri, Chandan yatra (Summertime sandalwood Festival), dola yatra(Spring Festival) are observed in the temple.

So the main festival of this temple is Sitalsasthi(Shiva Parbati Marriage) which is celebrated on the month of Jyestha Shukla Sasthi thithi and Mahashivaratri.

Bata Lokanatha Shiva Temple Address:

Bata Lokanatha Shiva Temple,
Jagannatha Dham Puri,

Bata Lokanatha Shiva Temple Location:

Source Arpan Gourav Dash:

Bata Lokanatha Shiva Temple Timings, History

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