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Singapore Sri Siva Krishna Temple Timings, Deities, History

Sri Siva Krishna Temple is a temple for the god Vishnu and Shiva who is the presiding deity. The temple also has many other deities.

One Mr. Kunjukrishnan cleared a small piece of land at 832, Sembawang Road in 1962, placed several shrines / deities and started praying. Taxi drivers congregated in the area for relaxation. After the death of Mr. Kunjukrishnan, Mr. Velayutham further cleared the area and brought in more deities. As the time passed by, the Temple was named “Sri Siva-Krishna Temple”. With more and more devotees and revenue coming to the Temple, it was suggested that the surroundings of the Temple be kept clean so as to give the Temple a dignified look.

In 1982, the Temple was shifted to the present site at Marsiling Rise. The land area is about 25000 Square feet. Various committees took care of the temple from 1982 to 1987. In 1987, a new committee took charge of the temple and immediately performed the ground breaking ceremony. On Wednesday, 9 December 1987, “Shanku Sthapanam” ceremony was held and then actual construction of the temple followed. The first consecration ceremony of the temple took place on 1 September 1996. The second consecration ceremony of the temple took place on 23 March 2008.

Singapore Sri Siva Krishna Temple Timing:

7.00 am Morning Pooja
11.45 am Every Friday Kunguma Archana
12.00 Noon Uchikaala Pooja
4.00 pm to 5.30 pm Every Tuesday Rahu Kalam Durga Puja
6.30 pm Evening Pooja
9.00 pm Arthajaama Pooja

Singapore Sri Siva Krishna Temple Deities:

Sri Vinayagar,
Sri Siva-Krishnar (Main Deity),
Sri Murugan,
Sri Durga, Sri Lakshmi and Sri Saraswathi,
Sri Ramar, Sri Seethai and Sri Lakshmanar,
Sri Anjaneyar,
Sri Iyappan,
Sri Mariamman,
Sri Periyachi,
Sri Idumbar,
Sri Nagamma,
Sri Dakshinamurthy,
Sri Viswanathar and Visalakshi,
Sri Nandheeswarar,
Sri Karuppar,
Sri Muneeswarar,
Sri Madurai Veeran,
Sri Bairavar,
Sri Chandikeswarar and

Sri Siva Krishna Temple

Singapore Sri Siva Krishna Temple Address:

31, Marsiling Rise,
Singapore- 739127
Telephone: 63680030
Fax: 63651709

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