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Bhadrachala Temple Vaikunta Ekadasi Adyanotsavams 2022 Dates

Bhadradri Sita Ramachandraswamy Temple also known as Bhadrachalam Temple at Bhadrachalam is a very popular Hindu temple dedicated to Sri Rama, an Avatar of the Sri Vishnu. Vaikunta Adhyayan Utsavams is an annual festival celebrated for 21 days in a grand manner.

Another highlight of the 22-day festival is the Dashavatara Mahotsavam or the celebration of the 10-incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Dasami, the eve of Ekadasi, is known as Teppotsavam or boat festival. Lord Rama and Mata Sita are taken in a boat around the Godavari River.

On the day of Vaikunta Ekadasi, the highlight is the opening of Vaikuntha Dwarams at the north gate of the temple in the early hours. This door is only opened on this day and popular belief is that going through this door leads to Moksha.

This year will start from 3rd January 2022 and ends on 23rd January 2022 i.e from Pushya Suddha Padyami to Pushya Bahula Panchami.

Bhadrachalam temple 2022 Vaikunta Adyanotsavams Starts: 3 January 2022
Bhadrachalam temple 2022 Vaikunta Adyanotsavams Ends: 23 January 2022

Bhadrachala Temple Vaikunta Ekadasi Adyanotsavams Schedule:

  • January 3 – Matsya Avataram, Pagalpattu Ustavam Starts.
  • January 4 – Kurma Avataram
  • January 5 – Varaha Avataram
  • January 6 – Narasimha Avataram
  • January 7 – Vamana Avataram
  • January 8 – Parasurama Avataram
  • January 9 – Sri Rama Avataram
  • January 10 – Balarama Avataram
  • January 11 – Sri Krishna Avataram, Kudarai Pasurotsavam
  • January 12 – Sri Tirumangai Alwar Paramapadotsavam, Teppotsavam (4 pm), Pagal Pattu Ustavam Ends.
  • January 13 – Vaikunta Ekadasi, 5:00 AM Uttaradwara Darsanam, 8:00 PM – Rapattu Ustavam Starts
  • January 14 – Bhogi Festival, Godha Devi Kalyanam
  • January 15 – Makara Sankranti, (gokula mandapam), Rathotsavam (night), Pranaya Kalahotsavam.
  • January 16 – Sri Andal Amma Tiruveedi Seva
  • January 17 – Sri Govinda Mandapam
  • January 18 – Pattabhishekam, Sri Punarvasu Mandapa Seva
  • January 19 – Sri Nrusimha Dasa Mandapam
  • January 20 – Sri Kalki Avataram, Dongala Topu Utsavam
  • January 21 – Dasara Mandapam
  • January 22 – Sri Nammalwar Paramapadotsavam
  • January 23 – Adyanotsavam Complete

Vilasa Ustavams:

Vilasotsavams from January 24 to 26.

January 29 – Viswarupa Seva 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Mukkoti Ekadasi Procedure in Bhadrachalam Temple:

  • Mukkoti Ekadasi is observed with fast, prayer, chants and meditation, Japa and Dhyana.
  • The austerities in connection with Mukkoti Ekadasi start with Dasami (10th day – the previous day of Ekadasi).
  • Its strict observance is marked by ‘Ekabhuktam’ or taking food only once on Dashami.
  • Followed on Mukkoti Ekadasi by a rigorous fast or at least a partial fast for those who cannot observe a complete fast for various reasons.
  • It is followed by the breaking of the fast on Dwadasi or the twelfth day of the waxing or bright fortnight.
  • Consuming water and milk is allowed during a rigorous fast or taking fruits along with these during a partial fast.
  • Observing a fast is supposed to control the senses and purify the body. The mind in a body thus restrained, it is felt, will become pure.
  • A purified body and mind help one to attain proximity with the divine or the Paramatman.
Bhadrachala Temple Vaikunta Ekadasi Adyanotsavams 2022 Dates

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