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Bhalka Tirth Temple Timings, History

Bhalka Tirth Temple or Bhalka Teerth is located 4 km from Somnath Temple and 5 km from Somnath Railway Station, Bhalka Tirth holds immense significance as a revered temple in the holy town of Somnath. Situated on the route to Veraval, it stands as an essential pilgrimage site in Gujarat and ranks among the top attractions to explore in Somnath.

This is the place where Sri Krishna left his body. Sri Krishna was resting upon a deerskin in the deep of the jungle. At this spot, an unsuspecting tribal hunter named Jara, in a tragic misunderstanding, mistook the Lord’s divine foot as a deer and unknowingly shot an arrow toward it. With profound wisdom and compassion, Sri Krishna forgave the hunter, aware that his time on Earth had reached its culmination. Embarking on a journey, the benevolent deity walked towards the sacred confluence of three rivers.

Today, a humble temple stands proudly upon that significant spot, serving as a testament to Sri Krishna’s extraordinary accomplishments and teachings. Within its sacred confines, a serene, blue-hued idol of Sri Krishna in a meditative posture awaits devout worshippers, inviting them to offer their heartfelt prayers and seek solace in his divine presence.

Bhalka Teerth Temple is devoted to the worship of Sri Krishna, the divine incarnation of Sri Maha Vishnu.

The site also has an ancient history as Prabhas Patan was occupied during the Indus Valley Civilisation, 2000–1200 BCE.

Bhalka Tirth Temple

Bhalka Tirth History

In accordance with the epic Mahabharata, a multitude of one hundred sons belonging to Gandhari met their demise during the intense battle of Kurukshetra. On the eve prior to the demise of Duryodhana, Krishna paid a visit to Gandhari, offering solace in her time of sorrow.

Gandhari, consumed by anger and grief, harbored the belief that Krishna had not purposefully concluded the war. In response, she cursed Krishna and the entire Yadu clan, decreeing that Krishna’s own demise would occur after the passage of thirty-six years.

Krishna, perceiving the Yadavas’ increasing arrogance and unrighteousness, harbored a desire for the prophesied event to unfold. Gandhari punctuated her speech with the words “Thatastu” (so be it).

Thirty-six years later, an internal conflict erupted amongst the Yadavs, resulting in their mutual destruction. Krishna’s elder brother, Balarama, transcended his mortal form through the practice of yoga. Subsequently, Krishna retreated to the depths of the forest, seeking solace in meditation beneath a towering tree.

Within the Mahabharata, there exists an account of a hunter who inadvertently became the instrument of Krishna’s departure from the mortal realm. Mistaking Krishna’s left foot for that of a deer, the hunter named Zara unleashed a fatal arrow, thereby causing Krishna’s demise.

Upon realizing his grievous error and witnessing Krishna’s bleeding form, Zara was addressed by Krishna in these words, “O Zara, in your ancestry I brought about your demise; in the third age, I took the form of Ramu and caused your death. Here, you have been granted an opportunity, as the workings of this world continue unabated.”

Assured that events unfolded as intended, Krishna urged Zara not to fret. With his physical embodiment, Krishna then returned to his eternal realm known as Goloka Vrindavana. This momentous event symbolized Krishna’s departure from the earthly domain. It is believed that the sacred place known as bhalka stands as a testament to this occurrence.

According to mythological sources, the vanishing of Krishna signifies the conclusion of the Dvapara era and the commencement of the Kaliyuga, which traces its origins back to February 17/18, 3102 BCE.

Another Story

As per the sacred texts of the Ramayana, it is said that Lord Rama, in one of his earlier incarnations known as Ramavataram, bestowed a boon upon Vali, the king of apes in Hindu mythology. Surprisingly, Vali cunningly ambushed and vanquished Lord Rama without engaging in direct combat.

Bhalka Tirtha Timing: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Bhalka Temple Address:

Tirth Temple,
Gujarat – 362265.

Bhalka Tirth Temple Timings, History

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