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Gujarat Temples

Somnath Ahilyabai Holkar Temple Timings

Located opposite the Somnath Temple is a vibrant pink structure that has witnessed the fascinating history of this land. In the 17th century, this temple came under the Marathas. It is said that Ahilyabai Holkar, moved by the dilapidated state of the temple, took upon herself the noble task of rebuilding it. According to legend, […]

Bhalka Tirth Temple Timings, History

Bhalka Tirth Temple or Bhalka Teerth is located 4 km from Somnath Temple and 5 km from Somnath Railway Station, Bhalka Tirth holds immense significance as a revered temple in the holy town of Somnath. Situated on the route to Veraval, it stands as an essential pilgrimage site in Gujarat and ranks among the top […]

Somnath Sri Surya Temple Timings

Sri Surya Mandir is located at Somnath in Saurashtra region in Gujarat state. Surya Bhagwan is the main deity of this temple, just above the entrance doorway lies the image of Surya with his two wives riding on seven horses. This temple is situated near Triveni Ghat. There is a circumambulatory Passage around the main […]

Shri Narmadeshwar Shri Laxmi Yantra Mandir Timing, Pooja, Price

Sri Narmadeshwar Laxmi Yantra Mandir Temple Timing: From: 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM on all days. Name of the Priest: Jagruti Soman, Ravindra Bhalchandra Soman. Shri Narmadeshwar Shri Laxmi Yantra Temple Information: This is the Temple Of Shri Narmadeshwar Shri Laxmi Yantra Mandir in Which The Goddess Narmada Devi, Goddess Lakshmi Devi (IN THE FORM […]

Madhupura Ambaji Temple Timings, History

Madhupura Ambaji Temple is located in Shahibaug Road, opposite Ganj Bazar, Ganj Bazar, Hatisingwadi, Bardolpura, Madhupura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The main deity is Ambaji (Goddess Shakthi). Dasara is celebrated in a grand manner for 9 days. Local devotees believe that Ambaji is a powerful god and she fulfills all the faithful deities’ wishes. Madhupura Ambaji Temple […]

Taleti Chamunda Mata Temple Timings, History

Chamundi or Chamunda Mata temple is situated at the top of the Chotila Mountain in Taleti, Chotila Taluka, Surendranagar, Gujarat. Chotila Mountain is approximately 1,250 feet high and is located approximately 40 miles from Rajkot and 50 miles from Ahmedabad. This Chamunda Devi is the Isht Devi of the royal family and the temple is […]

Dakor Shri Ranchhodraiji Maharaj Temple Timings, Darshan, Poojas, History

Ranchhodraiji Temple Dakor is in Gujarat. Earlier famous for the Worship of shiva, it developed into a center for Vaishnavites when Ranchhodraiji, another avatar of Krishna surfaced. It is one of the most ethnically significant temples of Gujarat. State Government recently included Dakor in the pilgrimages under “Yatradham Vikas Board”. Dakor Shri Ranchhodraiji Maharaj Temple […]

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