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Madhupura Ambaji Temple Timings, History

Madhupura Ambaji Temple is located in Shahibaug Road, opposite Ganj Bazar, Ganj Bazar, Hatisingwadi, Bardolpura, Madhupura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The main deity is Ambaji (Goddess Shakthi). Dasara is celebrated in a grand manner for 9 days. Local devotees believe that Ambaji is a powerful god and she fulfills all the faithful deities’ wishes. Madhupura Ambaji Temple will be closed from 1.30 PM to 3.30 PM for cleaning.

Shree Madhupura Ambaji Temple Darshan Timings:

Morning: 6:00 AM to 1:30 PM
Evening: 3:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Aarti Time: Morning 7:00 AM and Evening at 8:20 PM

Shree Madhupura Ambaji Temple History:

Approximately 200 years ago Shri Narbheram Prabhuram Bhatt was residing in Kapadvanj village of Kaira District of Gujarat State in India. Due to his wide knowledge, he was considered to be a leading personality of the village. In Gujarat, such people at that time were known as “Darbar” with honour. He was a trader of Ghee. Once a sculptor came to Kapadvanj to sell two idols of Goddess Ambaji. The people of the village told him that except Shri Narbherambhai nobody can purchase your idols. They had told this just to make a mockery of Shri Narbherambhai. The sculptor then went to Shri Narbherambhai and told him to purchase the idols at reasonable charges. Shri Narbheram told him that his economical position was not sound and he was not in a position to give proper charges/cost.

But, he proposed that he can give the stock of 17 pots of Ghee in exchange for the idols. He told him if he agrees he can exchange the ghee with idols. Finally, the sculptor agreed to the proposal and gave him idols in lieu of Ghee. Darbar thereafter sold his all household and left for Ahmedabad with two idols of Goddess Ambaji. During that period Utkantheshwar – Dehgam road was used to reach Ahmedabad. Shri Narbherambhai gave one idol of Goddess Ambaji to the priest of Utkantheshwar Temple. At present also the said idol is being worshiped. The idol has been established opposite the temple of Lord Mahadev.Madhupura Ambaji Temple

After reaching Ahmedabad he went to the Delhi Chakla area, where the construction work of the famous Hathising Temple was going on. He met the trustees of the said temple and talked about the idol of Goddess Ambaji. He requested them to allow a piece of land for the construction of the temple of Goddess Ambaji. The trustees were interested on the condition that they will have total rights over the temple. The same was not acceptable to Darbar. He told them that he has obtained this idol by selling his everything. How he can survive and what about his maintenance? He rejected the proposal of trustees. From there he went to Madhupura village. The then Darbar was very much pleased by the request and immediately arranged for the land to construct the temple of Goddess Ambaji. Then, the temple was constructed.

After few generations, Shri Ambalal Bapuji Bhatt rolled over the development and construction work of the temple. But he passed away before the construction of the dome of the temple can be completed. Thereafter the pending work was carried out and installation of Shaktipith was completed by Shri Pushpray Ambalal Bhatt under his supervision.

Durga Temple Address:

Madhupura Ambaji Temple,
Old Madhupura,
Gujarat – 380004.
Phone: +91-98989 41413

Madhupura Sati Temple Map:

Madhupura Ambaji Temple Timings, History

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