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Annaprasana Meaning is Anna = rice and Prasanna = to enter. Annaprasana means introducing solid food to the child, i.e. feeding rice or solid food for the first time. After performing this ritual, the child can now be introduced to different foods. Annaprasana ends after the “Namakaran” ceremony and is considered auspicious because the baby can now eat solid food.
Annaprasana in Telugu, Annaprashan in Kannada, choroonu in Malayalam, Mukhe Bhaat in Bengali, Bhaatkhulai in Garhwali and Kumauni, Annaprashan vidhi in Marathi.

How to Perform Annaprasana at Home

The joy of watching your child grow is considered one of the best times in life. And yes, Annaprasana is one of those memorable events in the life of all parents. As parents, we often want the best things to happen to our children: the best food, the best education, the best home, etc. Annaprasana […]

How is Annaprashan Performed

The Annaprashan ceremony is performed on a specific day and time after consulting a priest. The baby is dressed in new clothes, often traditional ones such as a dhoti kurta or a lehenga choli. Annaprashan begins with a puja or a havan for your baby’s health and happiness, followed by the symbolic feeding of the […]

What Kind of Foods are Offered to the Baby During Annaprashan?

Annaprashan – First Rice Eating Ceremony: There is a large variety of food that is offered to the baby during the Annaprashan ceremony. Some of them are: Fried rice or pulao Curd Rice Sweet Pongal (Jaggery Rice) Dal, sambar or rasam Meat Fish Kheer or Payasam Ven Pongal A variety of food is served on […]

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