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How is Annaprashan Performed

The Annaprashan ceremony is performed on a specific day and time after consulting a priest. The baby is dressed in new clothes, often traditional ones such as a dhoti kurta or a lehenga choli.

Annaprashan begins with a puja or a havan for your baby’s health and happiness, followed by the symbolic feeding of the prasad or the first bite of solid food. It is an occasion for celebration, and family and friends are invited to attend.

Annaprashan Vidhi/Procedure:

The Annaprashan ceremony procedure starts with the baby being seated on their maternal uncle’s lap, who is supposed to give them their first solid bite. After the baby eats the initial serving, other family members feed him more food and shower him with gifts. Finally, the Annaprashan Vidhi is performed. Items such as soil, gold jewelry, pens, books, and food are placed in front of the baby, who is required to choose one of them. Their choice is meant to symbolize their path in the future.

If they choose the gold jewelry, it means they will be wealthy.
If they choose the pen, it means they will be wise.
If they choose the book, it means they will be learned.
If they choose the soil, it means they will be lucky with the property.
If they choose the food, it means they will be empathetic and charitable.

Annaprashan - First Rice Eating Ceremony

Anna Prasanam

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How is Annaprashan Performed

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