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Tips for Safe Annaprashan – Annaprashana – Annaprasana – Anna Prashana

Here are some ideas to help you and your baby enjoy this special time.

  1. Ensure your baby is well-rested before the ceremony. Some parents prefer to have Annaprashan after their baby’s morning bath.
  2. It is best to limit the gathering to just a few close family members and friends as your baby may feel overwhelmed.
  3. Choose clothes that your baby will be comfortable in, preferably made from natural fabrics. Outfits with mirror work, heavy embroidery, embellishments or metallic threadwork may irritate your baby’s tender skin.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly before feeding your baby.
  5. Ensure your baby’s food is prepared fresh and hygienically.
  6. Keep a small towel handy to wipe any excess food around your baby’s mouth.
  7. Make sure your baby doesn’t eat more than a few spoonfuls of the sweets and desserts as he may get indigestion or an upset tummy.
  8. During the havan, ensure that your baby is not too close to the fire. Keep your baby’s face away from the smoke. Open doors and windows to ensure proper ventilation.
  9. It’ll be easier to manage children if you can arrange for a separate area for them to play in. Put some toys and games to keep them busy in the play area. It’s a good idea to get a willing
  10. Relative or a maid to help out with keeping your little guests safe.
  11. If you’d like to give ‘thank you’ gifts to your guests, a box of sweets (mithai) or dried fruits is a popular option.
  12. Don’t forget to record the occasion. Take lots of photos!

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Tips for Safe Annaprashan – Annaprashana – Annaprasana – Anna Prashana

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