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Warangal Tourist Places

Laknavaram Lake Warangal Resort, Telangana Tourism

Located at a distance of VI metric linear unit from the attractive and friendly village of Govindaraopet, the serene and pristine water body of Laknavaram Lake is a beautiful traveler destination of Telangana. The lake is about amidst lovely dense forests and could be a haven for nature amatory tourists. Also referred to as the […]

The Forts and Gateways Warangal Fort Timings

The Warangal Fort could be a lovely testimony of the ability and bravery that the Kakatiyas personified. Engineered below the supervising of 1 of the foremost ready and brave rulers of the kinfolk, Ganapati deva, the fort stretches across a vicinity of nineteen metric linear units. It closed among forty five in an elaborate way […]

Kakatiya Musical Garden Warangal, History, Timings

Warangal town (Orugallu or Ekasilanagaram) far-famed because the capital of the Kakatiyas, is additionally home to many temples, palaces and forts. The most relics of the Kakatiyan glory, there are some that although are recent additions attracts the maximum amount attention as their older counterparts. The Kakatiya Musical Garden is one such wall unit. Sprawled […]

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