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Vana Vigyan Park Warangal Zoo Park Timings, Address, Cost

About Vana Vigyan Park Warangal Zoo Park

In their endeavor to guard and preserve the quality of nature, the Warangal District Administration has made the Van Vigyan Park. Additionally referred to as the Vana Vigyan Kendra, the park is each an academic moreover as AN diversion centre.

The Vana Vigyan Park is found in Hunter road in Hanamkonda town within the historical district of Warangal. The park is made and maintained by the Forest Department and is extended over a vicinity of fifty acres.

The park homes a spread of flora and fauna that are taken care of by the Forest Department officers. The place could be happy surroundings for animals like noticed carved, nilgai, Sāmbhar, crocodiles, rabbits, tortoises and Melursus ursinus. Pleasant chirping of birds helps to feature to the sweetness of the pleasant surroundings. Feathered friends like peacock, pheasants, lovebirds, pigeons, ring doves and ducks welcome guests UN agency come back to marvel at their beauty.

The Vana Vigyan Park provides ample academic opportunities for teaching kids the necessity and importance of conserving their setting. It’s a well-liked selection among faculties for organizing study or field journeys. In reality the park was engineered with the intent to assist the new generation perceives however they act with nature and notice the important got to preserve and nurture this interaction for his or her posterity and for the great of humanity. To facilitate this would like the authorities have additionally engineered a setting Education Centre among the park premises. This can be a whole repository of education materials to assist the overall public perceive and worth the role nature plays in their lives. The centre homes a well-stocked library, AN area to host shows on nature and also the setting and a repository that displays explanation artifacts and exhibits. The well-maintained park that records a daily count of five hundred footfalls that doubles throughout festivals and public holidays vouches for the very fact that the aim has been achieved satisfactorily.


The Park although standard still desires some enhancements up to now as its internal roads and lighting cares. The authorities are operating towards raising these arrases and make sure that tourists are supplied with superior amenities and a higher expertise.

Set amidst lush inexperienced surroundings, the Vann Vigyan Park provides ample opportunities for tourists to respire contemporary air. The park features a few swings and alternative play equipments for the diversion of kids. However, work is afoot for raising these and obtaining superior quality play equipments. Yet, the park lawns but give comfortable scope for youngsters to sport and rejuvenate their spirits.

In the current hustle and bustle of way of life the foliage of Van Vigyan Park is sort of a breath of contemporary air. Tourists will relax their tired nerves and refresh their minds. This provides the trendy generation the lot of required respiratory house that helps them steel oneself against the busy days awaiting them.

The Park helps to combine education with diversion. As on one hand, the setting Centre works towards educating tourists regarding the importance of maintaining a healthy environment; on the opposite hand the scenic and serene surroundings helps to produce them with comfortable diversion. It’s an ideal win-win state of affairs for all people who attempt to pay the day among its restful precincts.

Located at solely a distance of 6 kilometers from the Warangal town, the Van Vigyan Park is well accessible by road. A requirement see traveller destination to assist refresh and rejuvenate the mind and also the soul.
How to Reach Vana Vigyan Park:
Warangal town is connect with sensible Train facility and bis facilities.
Kazipet terminal is seven Kms off from Van Vigyan, is one in every of the main junctions that is extremely well connected with Hyderabad.
Nearest aerodrome is Hyderabad aerodrome.

Van Vigyan Park Special Attractions:

Nature Park

Van Vigyan Park Temple Warangal Timings:

Daily 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.
Park remains closed on all Mondays.

Vana Vigyan Park Warangal Zoo Park Entrance Fee:

General visitors & Private School Students: Rs.25.00 per head
Government / Aided School Students RS.5.00 per head

Van Vigyan Park Address:

Hunter Road,
Telangana – 506001
Phone: 0870 255 0020

Vana Vigyan Park Warangal Zoo Park Timings, Address, Cost

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    1. General visitors & Private School Students: Rs.25.00 per head
      Government / Aided School Students RS.5.00 per head

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