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Laknavaram Lake Warangal Resort, Telangana Tourism

Located at a distance of VI metric linear unit from the attractive and friendly village of Govindaraopet, the serene and pristine water body of Laknavaram Lake is a beautiful traveler destination of Telangana. The lake is about amidst lovely dense forests and could be a haven for nature amatory tourists.

Also referred to as the Laknavaram Cheruvu, the lake was initial discovered by the nice Kakatiyan rulers within the thirteenth century. Like all their alternative discoveries and institutions they need used this Brobdingnagian store of fresh water for the profit and betterment of their individuals. As a result the Lakhnvaram Lake accustomed be used to water the agricultural lands and for alternative desires of cultivation. This was expedited by the development of 2 sluice gates that were additionally engineered by the nice Kakatiyan rulers.

In its gift state the Lakhnavaram Lake is a perfect traveler spot of Warangal. Ensconced between the massive Govindaraopet Mountains the Laknavaram Lake is extended over a vicinity of 10,000 acres. It’s around thirteen lovely islands floating in its serene waters; 2 of that are connected with a dangling bridge. The latter could be a new addition by the State business Department in it’s decided to enhance the worth of the place as a traveler destination. The department has many alternative plans on the anvil so as to form the place additional congenial for tourists. A number of these embody, creating the metal slip road additional appropriate for accrued variety of footfalls and as well as arrangements that will create this a well-liked spot for picnic.
However, even in its gift state, the lake could be a standard spot for tourists seeking peace and calm. Placed in isolated surroundings, the lake is way removed from the hustle and bustle of town life and affords tourists with the peace of mind they crave for in their everyday urban life.

Laknavaram Lake Warangal Timings:

8:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Laknavaram Lake Warangal Boating Charges:

For Adults: ₹50 per person
For Children: ₹30 per person
for Speed Boat: ₹300 (Max. 4 people)

Laknavaram Lake Warangal Entry Fee:

For Adults: ₹ 10
For Children: ₹ 5

Distance to Laknavaram Lake:

Hanamkonda 75 kms
Hyderabad 214 kms
Kairmnagar 145 kms
Khammam 151 kms
Medak 226 kms
Nalgonda 238 kms
Nizamabad 292 kms

Laknavaram Lake Warangal Resort Accommodation:

Online Bookings not available. Booking can be done at the CRO, Basheerbagh.
Only 7 rooms available Laknavaram Lake, so plan and book the rooms early, if you are planning for a weekend.
Two cottages are built on the other side of the Laknavaram Lake which are accessible only by boat.
Boating availability is subject to water level of the lake.

Laknavaram Lake Warangal Resort Address:

Govindaraopet mandal,
Warangal district,

Laknavaram Lake Warangal Resort, Telangana Tourism

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