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Chamoli Kalpeshwar Temple Timings, History, Aarti

Chamoli Kalpeshwar Temple is an ancient Shiva temple and one of the Panch Kedars, the fifth of Panch Kedars. This is the only Panch Kedar temple that is open throughout the year. Kalpeshwar Temple is situated in Chamoli district in Dev Bhoomi, Uttarakhand. The matted hairs of Jata or Lord Shiva are worshipped inside this temple. It’s a small temple which had been made in a stone cave. Photography is prohibited inside the temple. Devotees have to trek 2 km from Urgam to reach this last Panch Kedar temple.

Kalpeshwar temple was constructed by Pandavas in Nagara architectural style. The whole structure of the temple was built with granite stones available in the mountains where the temple is located. The Kalpeshwar temple in general is a beautiful stone-carved wonder which has undergone modifications since ancient times. The presiding deity is worshiped under the name of Jatadhar or Jateshwar.

Kedar dyul, Gora Devi dyul temple, Nandi Nagkotha, Vishwakarma temple, Banga pani, Kalp Vriksha, Indra Dhara, Amrit Kund, Ghantakarana temple, Nanda Devi temple and Dhyan Badri are the other temples in Urgam Valley.

Chamoli Kalpeshwar Temple Timings:

From 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Aarti Timings:

Morning Aarti 6:00 AM
Evening Aarti 7:00 PM

Chamoli Kalpeshwar Temple History:

According to legends, after the Mahabharata war the Pandavas wanted to get rid of their sin, Sri Krishna told them that they would obtain blessings from Lord Shiva. Therefore, Pandavas came to Varanasi to obtain blessings from Lord Shiva, but Lord Shiva left Varanasi and hid in Guptkashi because Lord Shiva was annoyed with Pandavas, Pandavas had killed Kauravas and their gurus.

Realizing this, Lord Shiva took the form of an incognito bull and stood away from them. However, when the bull confronted Bhim, he tried to hold the tail and the legs of the bull. Suddenly the bull disappeared and went underground in Guptakashi.

The upper part of their torso appeared in Kathmandu. Now there is a famous temple of Pashupatinath. Shiva’s arms appeared in Tungnath, Head in Rudranath, navel in Madhyamaheshwar, hair in Kalpeshwar and the shape of the back of Bull (hump) in Shri Kedarnath.Chamoli Kalpeshwar Temple

The Five Different Temples (Panchkedar Temples):

  1. back of Bull (hump) at Kedarnath
  2. Arm (Bahu) at Tunganath
  3. Head – surfaced at Rudranath
  4. Stomach and Navel at Madhyamaheswar
  5. Tress (Jata) at Kalpeshwar

Chamoli Kalpeshwar Temple Address:

Chamoli district of Garhwal,
Uttarakhand – 246443.

Chamoli Kalpeshwar Temple Timings, History, Aarti

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