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2022 Vijayawada Kanakadurga Bhavani Deeksha Dates

2022 Vijayawada Kanakadurga Bhavani Deeksha Schedule:

Maalaadharana Dates: 4th November to 8th November.

Ardha Mandala Deeksha Dates: 24th November to 28th November.

Kalasa Jyothi: 7th December.

Deeksha Viramana Days: 15th December to 19th December.

Bhavani Deeksha is the Vrata dedicated to the goddess Vijayawada Kanakadurga in Andhra Pradesh. Bhavani Deeksha begins at Karthika Pournami or Utthana Ekadasi during Karthika Masam. This ritual is practised for 41 or 21 days.

Vijayawada Kanakadurga Bhavani Deeksha:

  1. Devotees who take this Deeksha are called Bhavani.
  2. Bhavani Deeksha is taken either at the temple or at home.
  3. They should wear Red colour shirt and Red Dhoti.
  4. Women typically take Deeksha for 21 days before or after their regular menstrual cycle.
  5. While visiting the temple, devotees take bath in the Krishna river and have the darshan of the Goddess
  6. Devotees should take bath in the Krishna river before having the goddess darshan.
  7. Bhavani Deeksha devotees should have to take bath in cold water every day.
  8. While they are going to visit the temple, they carry the irumudi, which is a bag that has two compartments, the front part is reserved for the storage of offerings to the deity, while the rear part is intended to contain the personal needs of the pilgrims for the journey.
  9. Some devotees also perform the Deeksha by not wearing footwear and sleeping on the floor.

Vijayawada Kanaka Durgamma Daily Alankarana:

  1. Thursday, 7 October 2021 – Sri Swarna Kavachalankrita Durga Devi – Ashwayuja Shuddha Padyami – Swarna Kavacham Sari – Gold Colour Saree
  2. Friday, 8 October 2021 – Sri Bala Tripura Sundari Devi – Ashwayuja Shuddha Vidiya – Light Pink Colour Saree.
  3. Saturday, 9 October 2021 – Sri Gayathri Devi – Ashwayuja Shuddha Thadiya – Orange Colour Saree.
  4. Sunday, 10 October 2021 – Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari Devi – Ashwayuja Shuddha Chaturthi – Pure Gold Colour Saree.
  5. Monday, 11 October 2021 – Sri Annapoorna Devi – Ashwayuja Shuddha Shashti – Yellow Sandalwood Colour Saree.
  6. Monday, 11 October 2021 – Sri Mahalakshmi Devi – Ashwayuja Shuddha Saptami – Pink Colour Saree.
  7. Tuesday, 12 October 2021 – Sri Saraswati Devi – Ashwayuja Shuddha Saptami – White Colour Saree.
  8. Wednesday, 13 October 2021 – Sri Durga Devi Alankaram – Ashwayuja Shuddha Ashtami – Red Colour Saree.
  9. Thursday, 14 October 2021 – Sri Mahishasuramardhini Devi – Ashwayuja Shuddha Navami (Mahanavami) – Brown or Red colour handloom saree.
  10. Friday, 15 October 2021 – Sri Rajarajeshwari Devi – Ashwayuja Shuddha Dashami (Vijayadashami) – Green Colour Saree.
2022 Vijayawada Kanakadurga Bhavani Deeksha Dates

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