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Clear and In-detail Rahu God Image Drawing

Watch the picture carefully. Each and every thing from top to bottom has a story.
1) Starting from top, the crown has skeleton head implying Rahu has control on sudden death.
2) There are also snakes because Rahu is considered the God of snakes.
3) The two thorns on Rahu’s head highlights that he is a Daanav.
4) Rahu has three lines on his forehead because he worships Lord Shiva.
5) Rahu is always aggressive and furious so there is constant anger on his face.
6) Rahu enjoys wearing lots of ornaments. Just like any Daanav, Rahu has a sword in his right hand.
7) On his left hand, he has a trident showing he is a worshipper of Lord Shiva.
8) Rahu loves Raat Raani flower that he carries in his left palm. Rahu’s skin colour is violet because he has full control over poison.
9) The lower portion of Rahu’s body is that of snake.
10) Seated on a lion, Rahu's nature is very similar to the lion.
11) Like a lion, Rahu is lazy and slow but attacks all of a sudden. “Sudden” is a very typical trait associated with Rahu.
Rahu Deva

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