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Rahu Remedies | Very Effective Remedies to Pacify Rahu

1) Praise Shri Rahu to get best results.
2) Wear Gomed [Hessonite] ring made in Silver, in middle finger, on Saturday, at 10.00 am.
3) Wear eight mukhi Rudraksh.
4) Donate Urad Daal, Black Til [sesame seeds], Blue Clothes and Woollen Black Blanket to Sweeper or Lower Caste.
5) Give Sugar to Ants, Eggs to Snakes not milk.
6) Perform Rahu Puja by singing Rahu Aarti.
7) Chanting Rahu Chaalisa.
8) Reciting Rahu Kavach & Rahu Stotra.
9) Establishing a Siddh Rahu Yantra in your home.
10) Performing Rahu Shanti Havan.

Mantras to Pacify Rahu Graha:
The Beej Mantra is :
“ॐ रा राहवे नमः”

The Taantrik Mantra is:
“ऊं भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं स: राहवे नम”

Rahu Planet Benefic

Select any mantra mentioned above. Chant it 18000 times in 40 days. While chanting, the mantra should be spoken clearly without any hurry. The mantra should be chanted between sunset and sunrise. The mantra should not be chanted during day time. If you wish to chant during daytime then chanting of mantra must be during Rahu Kaal. Best results are obtained when you start chanting on eclipse day and continue till other eclipse. While chanting one should wear black clothes and sit on black cloth. Also, use AGATE [HAKIK] mala for chanting and keep Rahu and Ganesh deities in front. Offer black dried grapes [ kaali kismis], black roasted gram [channa ] and almonds [badaam]. Also, offer agarbatti, deepak, raat rani or mogra flowers. Always, sit facing towards South – West direction. Note to remember: Chanting any of these mantras during solar and lunar eclipse is the rapid way to appease Rahu.

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