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Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple Sankashti Chaturthi Calendar 2020

Sankashti Chaturthis in the Calendar Year 2020 & Moon Rise Timings:

January 13 2020, Monday8:59 PM (Pune) Maharashtra
February 12 2020, Wednesday9:49 PM (Pune) Maharashtra
March 12 2020, Thursday9:34 PM (Pune) Maharashtra
April 11 2020, Saturday10:23 PM (Pune) Maharashtra
May 10 2020, Sunday10:08 PM (Pune) Maharashtra
June 08 2020, Monday9:46 PM (Pune) Maharashtra
July 08 2020, Wednesday9:58 PM (Pune) Maharashtra
August 07 2020, Friday9:45 PM (Pune) Maharashtra
September 05 2020, Saturday8:52 PM (Pune) Maharashtra
October 05 2020, Monday8:38 PM (Pune) Maharashtra
November 04 2020, Wednesday8:46 PM (Pune) Maharashtra
December 03 2020, Thursday8:26 PM (Pune) Maharashtra

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