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Effect of Rahu in Transit | Rahu Sign in Transit

The following is a general forecast based on this transit of the nodes. The specific results depend a lot on the basic force of the birth chart. In addition, there is direct influence of Rahu Mahadasha on the individual. A strong birth chart is a blessing from heavens and minimises all disapproval. There are seven other planets in Vedic astrology. Their placements and travel have to be taken into consideration for calculating an accurate prediction. Rahu always journeys in reverse and it stays in one Raashi [Zodiac] for 18 months.

1st House:
Good Effects: Rahu gives a lot of luxury in materialist affairs. One would have to increase one’s self-confidence while dealing with large number of challenging situations. Lovers would meet their beloved and love affairs would gain momentum. There would be warmth pervading in relations. On the personal front life, the native would be more colourful. Financially one would be very satisfied earning money during this period. One would able to earn demanded money. Also, one would have other sources of income to meet one’s requirements.

Bad Effects: This period is only average for business and profession. One’s ego might surface as a problem in working for personal gain. One can have general weakness that might reduce one’s vitality. One has to control one’s food habits. One has to take proper medication for resolving problems. One’s spouse might go through a rough time. One should avoid any new ventures and partnerships. Natives who are students should not lose sight of their goals. Be careful so that one does not face any lack of concentration.

Rahu House Chart

2nd House:
Good Effects: Initially there might be delays and difficulties but life would continue well. One’s responsibilities would increase. One would give a good account of one’s performance. The natives trying for overseas jobs should try during this time period. Native would have fruitful, long journey along with additional money gain. One can expect profit in new business ventures. One would get increased income and unusual gains are also normal. Native who are unmarried would have a good chance of getting married. Natives who are younger students would do well. Natives wishing to study abroad would have the good opportunities.

Bad Effects: There might be tension at home. However, if one remains calm by controlling anger there would be bliss at home. One might have rheumatic complaints and joint pains. One might experience exhaustion and restlessness. One should be careful during any money dealings. One should be cautious about new partners and business variation. One should not be talkative because excessive speech might be harmful. One should also be careful of meeting with accidents.

3rd House:
Good Effects: Rahu in one’s 3rd house would provide lots of material comfort. Ketu in 9th house would make one more spiritual and religious. One might be greatly interested in spiritual and religious activities. One might gain new friends and social circles and that would help one to enjoy new growth. One’s confidence and importance would also increase. One would definitely succeed in meeting goals. The natives business would run smoothly. There would be remarkable improvement in one’s financial position. Natives who are students would do well because of sheer determination. One would succeed in competitive examination.

Bad Effects: One might not keep relationship with brother[s].

4th House:
Good Effects: There might be an increase in land- property and vehicles. Students in science subjects do very well.

Bad Effects: Bad for both the native and mother in respect of health. One would spend one’s money too much. One can become an alcoholic. One would have no mental peace, difficulties and damage all causing one tensed. One might as well change one’s job too. One’s project might be blocked and one might receive some unpleasant news. One’s heart related problems might show up. One might be allergic to certain elements. One should control one’s food habits. Also, one should enjoy walking. Some natives might have to leave home for a totally new environment. There might be decrease in land property and vehicles.

5th House:
Good Effects: Natives who are in creative fields excel very well. One’s quick mind and practical nature would be put to good use. The natives in business would be able to resolve their problems and manage more opportunities. One might get support from other business people who actually help in more business scenarios. Natives in service would get favourable transfers and promotions. Natives might achieve higher educational degrees. Also, one might have a child.

Bad Effects: The native women who are pregnant women should be extremely cautious. Natives who are students would face some obstruction in routine. Natives would face problems related to children’s problems and issues from them.

6th House:
Good Effects: It gives one courage and mental strength. One would gain self confidence and one’s social circle increases. One’s victory over enemies is certain. If one is in service then one would plan well according to others. It might even motivate one to start a new type/ line of work. It could be something that one had thought of earlier but abandoned the ideal. One might succeed through religious practises and spiritual pursuits. Natives who are students would succeed when they follow a disciplined routine. Also, students would get admitted to courses of their choice.

Bad Effects: There might be delays in one’s transfer or promotions so one should have self-control. Medically and health-wise, one might have some incidence of intestinal and nerve disorder. The native might have excessive expenditure. One might have problems or loose in legal court cases.

7th House:
Good Effects: The natives might gain from the opposite sex.

Bad Effects: One should be careful and watch one’s emotional matters. One should be careful while dealing with opposite sex. If unmarried, then one should be careful while choosing one’s partner. During this period there could be problems in married life such as troubles with spouse. Also, one should be careful in partnership. Efficiently, carefully chosen partners would help in realising goals. One might have sexual relations besides one’s spouse. One might have rheumatic complaints and head injury. Thus, health of spouse or other relationships would require extra care. Native who are students succeed in competitive examination. One should restrict one’s longing for luxury and pleasures. One should restrict one’s company with the opposite sex.

8th House:
Good Effects: Natives might get an unexpected inheritance or gain suddenly from lottery or stock exchange. Some native’s journeys would prove to be very fruitful. One might win some legal cases.

Bad Effects: Not very favourable position for native’s career. One should not change jobs. Despite working hard, one would get one’s dues. Even getting rewards would be after a lot of struggle. One should not try to invest in Stock Exchange as a novice. If one is in service, then one’s senior[s] might cause unnecessary tensions.

9th House:
Good Effects: Overseas travel to the west for higher education or/and profession is possible. After initial setbacks, fortune favours the native. One would have new investments opportunities and profitable ventures. This is a good time for natives who are sportsmen and artists. One would visit religious or spiritual significant places. Marriages of brother or sister of the native might also take place.

Bad Effects: One might have problems due to brothers or sisters. Also, relationship with other women might cause a downfall. There is a possibility of brothers or sisters passing away.

10th House:
Good Effects: Native might become a Minister by winning the elections. If the native is already a Minister, then the native might become a Chief Minister. Natives seeking jobs and promotions in foreign postings would get positive results. The native would find new paths for investing gainful undertaking. The native would get help from father or higher authorities that help in achieving the goals. The native would also have an increase in property.

Bad Effects: The native might lose election and demote from the level of Ministry. The native might have conflicts with mother. The native might lose property. One might do bad deeds and wrong in business or profession.

11th House:
Good Effects: The native might be a Minister by winning the elections. If the native is already a Minister, then the native would be a Chief Minister. One might have more income, better professional changes and goals met. Native might have fondness towards study of spiritual and religious.

Bad Effects: The native might lose election or demote from Ministry level. One should control one’s socialising. Also, one should be careful while driving. One might have high outflow of funds. The native’s children might cause some tension. Natives who are students must study very thoroughly otherwise the results would be terrible. The native’s friends and unfavourable atmosphere might cause some disturbance in education. One might get any injury. Native woman who is pregnant should be very careful. This time is not very good for speculation.

12th House:
Good Effects: One would experience domestic happiness, peace and prosperity. One’s family members would be in harmony with each other. One might have a change of residence. The native’s worries and physical problems would reduce. One might also travel abroad. One would get over one’s problems using intelligence and abilities. Although the enemies might constantly bother, one would succeed after a few difficulties. One might win over enemies. Also, one might even get a legal triumph. One’s past debts would be reduced. Natives who are unemployed would find better jobs. One’s unnecessary expenditure might also take place. One’s health problems of the past would subside. As a result, one would feel good so one would achieve one’s targets easily. One’s obstruction in business reduces and one’s finances improve. Natives who are students get rewards for the efforts put in. In addition, students receive higher education in the desired field.

Bad Effects: The native’s increased spending might occur. Natives who are women might have problems from evil spirit. Natives might even go bankrupt in business. Other people might lose trust in natives.

Effect of Rahu in Transit | Rahu Sign in Transit

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