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Gandharva Raja Homam | Homam for Delay In Marriage

Lord Gandharva Raja is famous for preventing delays in marriage. Worshipping him will fill the devotees who wish to marry. The Vedic Scriptures say that Lord Shiva himself performed this homa to marry the goddess Parvathi. This homa is very powerful and, once completed, it will surely bring all kinds of benefits to an individual. The delays in the marriage will be eliminated and the matrimonial alliances will seek it.

Remedies for Marriage Delay:

Gandharva raja Homam is performed exclusively to eliminate obstacles in one’s marriage plans. Singles looking for brides can interpret this homa exclusively to marry their desired life partner. Remedies for delaying marriage can be obtained by performing a homa in Gandharva Raja.

To fulfill this homa with the greatest dedication and to pay homage to Lord Gandharva Raja will bring a fruitful marriage to everyone’s life. Singles looking for a groom can also perform this homa that pleases Gandharva Raja, who in turn blesses you with a happy and satisfied marriage. Prolonged marriages and delayed marriages can also be avoided with this homa. The devotees who perform this homa will get the best life partner.

In addition, this homa also reduce the effects of the chevvai dosha. Malefic the position of Mars in the horoscope can cause obstacles to marriage; Such aspirants can perform this homa that will appease Lord Mars and help overcome the obstacles to getting married. Flowers with a happy married life offering a homa to God Gandharva Raja.

Gandharva Raja Mantra:

Om Gandharvaraaja visvaavase Mamabilashida Kanyaam Prayacha Swaahaa

Gandharva Raja Homam Benefits:

Prevents the delay in marriage.
Promises a happy married life
Bachelors can get the best bride.
Hindrances in getting married will be obliterated.
Mitigates the effects of Chevvai dosha

Gandharva Raja Homam is performed at Vazhappully Shree Rajarajeshwari Temple, Kerala.

Gandharva Raja Homam | Homam for Delay In Marriage

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