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Gaya Vishnupad Temple FAQs

Gaya Vishnupad Temple Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is the Vishnupad Temple open throughout the year?
Answer: Yes, the Vishnupad Temple is open all 365 days of the year.

Question: What is the entry fee?
Answer: The entry to the Vishnupad Temple is free of cost.

Question: Is there any online darshan facility available?
Answer: No, there is no online darshan facility available.

Question: Can one carry mobiles and gadgets into the temple?
No. All electronic gadgets are prohibited in the temple premises (viz. mobile, camera, laptop). Free storage of the same is available at the entrance of the temple.

Question: Is there any facility for specially-abled and senior citizens?
Answer: No. No such facilities are available. Although, a wheelchair can be made available upon request.

Question: Is there any facility available for site seeing or nearby temple visits?
Answer: No. No such facilities are available.

Question: What is the best time to visit Gaya?
The months of November to February are very ideal to visit the Vishnupad and the other temples located in Gaya.

Question: What is the weather like during the summers?
Answer: The summers at Gaya start in March and continue until June. The summers here can be very hot. Temperatures during the daytime often go up to 45 º C.?

Question: What are winters like in Gaya?
Answer: In Gaya, winters start in November and continue until February. The temperatures during this time are around 20 º C. The weather during this time is cool and pleasant.

Question: Gaya Vishnupad Temple contact Number?
Answer: Gaya Vishnupad Temple Contact No is 098352 86080.

Question: In which State is Gaya Vishnupad Temple located?
Answer: Gaya Vishnupad Temple in Bihar State.

Question: Vishnupad Temple Nearest Place?
Answer: The nearest place is Kandi.

Question: What is the opening and closing Temple Timings:
Answer: The Vishnupad is open from 6:30 AM to 12:30 PM and from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Question: Is Photography allowed in the temple:
Answer: Not Photography is strictly not allowed.

Question: Nearest Airport to Gaya Vishnupad Temple?
Answer: Jayprakash Narayan International Airport at Patna is the nearest Airport which is 124 km.

Question: Which is the nearest Railway Station to Gaya Vishnupad Temple?
Answer: Gaya Junction is 4.6 km.

Question: Who built the Gaya temple?
Answer: Gaya temple was constructed by Queen Ahilya Bai Holkar of Indore

Gaya Vishnupad Temple FAQs

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