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Hanuman Puja | Hanuman Ji Puja Benefits | Hanuman Puja Procedure

Hanuman Puja is performed on the day before Diwali Puja, in some states of India, especially in Gujarat. Hanuman Puja and Kali Chaudas fall on the same day. There is a belief that bad spirits are most powerful in the night of Kali Chaudas. Lord Hanuman Puja is performed to seek strength, power and the protection from all kinds of bad spirits.

As per another legend, Diwali is celebrated to pay homage to the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after completing His fourteen years of exile and defeating demon Ravana. Lord Sri Rama was highly pleased by the devotion and dedication of Hanuman so that that He blessed Hanuman that he would be worshipped before Him. That is why people worship God Hanuman one day before Diwali celebrations.

Hanuman Puja

Shri Hanuman Jayanti is observed at Hanumangarhi temple in Ayodhya on the very same day. However, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated by most people in North India on the day of Chaitra Purnima.

Hanuman puja Procedure:
Clean the area where you want to perform puja
Offer prayers to Hanuman
Clean the Hanuman deity with water
Sprinkle some water on the area where you are performing puja followed by sprinkling on you
Place a Hanuman deity on the red cloth
Apply a kumkum paste on hanuman murti followed by you
Light the diya and incense
Offer flowers and bhog to Lord Hanuman

Things to remember while Performing this puja:
You should definitely take a head bath on this day
If possible place 108 Akshatha, 108 betel leaves, and 108 fruits during puja
Consume satvik food this day. Avoid non-veg at any cost
Offer 5 bananas to Lord Hanuman
While praying position Lord Hanuman in the North-East direction

Hanuman Pooja Advantage:
Achieve strength and power
Increases wealth and remove all financial problems
Helps in getting your desired job
Fulfil your child wish
Removes all sins
Make your business successful
Boys can observe this fast to enhance wisdom and intelligence

Samagri Required to Hanuman Puja:
Chowki – 1 nos.
Red Cloth – 1 nos.
Idol or Photo of Lord Hanuman – 1 nos.
Akshat (raw unbroken rice) – 1 cup.
Tulsi (basil leaves) – few
Dhoop stick – 1 nos.
Deepak (earthen lamp filled with Ghee) – 1 nos.
Flowers – few
Chandan (or Ashtgandh/Roli)
Holy Water
Naivedya – Gud (Jaggery) and Roasted Chana

Hanuman Puja | Hanuman Ji Puja Benefits | Hanuman Puja Procedure

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