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HCCC Livermore Saraswathi Festival

HCCC Youth & Education Presents Education is the greatest wealth.

(Education cannot be stolen by thieves. It cannot be taken away by power. It cannot be divided among brothers. It can never be a burden for anyone. It increases to multitudes the more you spend or share. That’s why Education is the greatest wealth of all.)

Hindu Community and Cultural Center (HCCC) is well known for its spirituality, authentic traditions, sharing and serving the community. Besides striving to provide the spiritual platform, HCCC makes significant contributions in the form of Youth & Education, Human Services etc. HCCC Youth and Education (Y & E) provides classes in Sanskrit, Bala jyothi, Chanting, STEM Robotics, Mathematics, Science, Programming, Leadership, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Vedas, Upanishads, Vedanta and Indian Philosophy. With a leap of faith and confidence vested by devotees, HCCC is planning to expand the Youth and Education services to include programs that are sustainable, beneficial to the community especially to Children, Youth and Adults of all ages. These courses will help youth and young adults to earn knowledge, skills and credit to pursue higher education in colleges that will nurture them with great citizenship and a serving attitude

We invite you to join hands with us, and sponsor our Youth & Education Programs by making a pledge and volunteering with us. With your donation, HCCC Y & E is planning to build and sustain a living and vibrant educational community.

HCCC Saraswathi Festival

HCCC Youth & Education Programs:

Annual Programs:
Sri Rama Navami children program
Ganesha Chaturthi children program
Graduation Sarasvati Puja
Art Workshop
Poetry Workshop
Sanskrit Camp
mAtA-pitA day (Parent-Teacher day)
guru-shiShya day
Childrens’ Day
Navaratri Children Program
Special Occasion Children Programs
Summer Reading Program
Rangoli workshop
Story telling with Sanskrit & Robotics
Sanskrit Art Literature & Technology
(SALT) Fest
Other Chanting & Singing Performances

Weekly and Regular Programs:
Sanskrit Classes (6 Levels)
Sanskrit Classes Advanced – Exam Prep
Vedas, Upanishads and Philosophy (Advanced
Sanskrit & Spiritual-Seekers)
Pooja vidhi, Vedanta & Well being
Bhagavad Gita
Vishnu Sahasranamam
STEM Robotics
Entrepreneurship & Enrichment
Youth Leadership Program
Python Programming
Android & IOS Programming
Fundamentals of Java Programming
kalpadruma Art Workshop
vAksudha Poetry Workshop
Mathematics, Science & Others

For Donations to Youth & Education in any denomination:
The following are some of the pledging suggestions and respective HCCC services in return to honor your pledge. and optionally, Youth & Education Volunteer Registration.

1) Archana Sankalpa for one deity $ 25.
2) Two Archana Sankalpas for chosen deities $ 51.
3) One Abhisheka Sankalpa for a chosen deity $ 101.
4) Monthly Abhisheka Sankalpa for a chosen deity for a year $ 301.
5) Weekly Abhisheka Sankalpa for a chosen deity for a year $ 1001.
6) Weekly Abhisheka Sankalpa for nine deities for a year and plaque on Donor wall $ 5001.
7) All Temple sponsor functions Sankalpa for a year, donor plaque on Donor wall, Steering Committee membership as per HCCC by-laws $ 10,000+.

HCCC Livermore Saraswathi Festival

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