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Hindu Temple of Central Indiana Hours

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana Hours:

Morning: 9.00 AM to 11:30 AM
Evening: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Weekends: 9.00 AM to 8:00 PM

Extended Hours:
9.00 AM to 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM (long weekends /festivals)

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana History:

The Hindu Temple in central Indiana (HTCI) was inaugurated on Sunday, February 5, 2006. It is the first and only Hindu temple in all of Indiana, so its opening has sparked many celebrations among the Hindu community. The temple itself, as well as the members present, were blessed and purified with holy water during the opening ceremony. The regular worship began after the introduction and tribute to various statues of the deities, followed by much praise and applause from the community of the faithful present.

Before the opening of the HTCI, the Hindus had worshiped at the Community Center of India (ICC). It was built in 1985, then expanded and renovated in 1991. At the inauguration of the temple, the ICC presented the HTCI a statue of Radha Krishna, who had resided at the ICC for 20 years.

The temple was created to accommodate the growing Indian population in Indiana. The community needed a designated place to strengthen its spirituality through worship and other religious experiences, together as a community.

The people who make up the Indian community in Indiana are very diverse and cover a variety of backgrounds, both religiously and ethnically. One of the aims of the temple is to welcome the diversity of the sects of Hinduism that it venerates, while creating a sense of unity in the community.

The current structure of the temple is simply the basis of what will eventually be an architecturally elaborate building. The community is conducting several fundraisers for the construction of the temple. After two other phases of construction and renovation, the completed temple will have several structural designs that represent the architecture present in different parts of India where Hinduism is most prevalent. The variety will be more evident in the four towers at the top of the temple, which will represent the four main sectarian groups of Hinduism: Vaishnavas, Shaivas, Shaktas and Smartas.

Central Indiana Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana Sannidhis:


Hindu Temple of Central Indiana Pooja Policies:

1) Puja service costs are Payable to Hindu Temple of Central Indiana.
2) Puja service costs vary based on the distance of the service location from the temple.
3) Please note that this DOES NOT include Dakshinas/Sambhavana for the Priest. You can pay either by cash/check.
4) Please provide Dakshina for the priest.
5) Also you will have to pay the mileage charges for him (55 cents per mile) and total miles will be calculated to and from temple address to your home. Mileage charges are in addition to Dakshina. Alternatively you can provide transportation.

Related Temple policies:
a) Service charges listed above do not include Dakshina/Sambhavana for the Priest. Please provide Dakshina to Priest Separately
b) Service Charges to Temple can be either paid by cash or check (Payable to Hindu Temple of Central Indiana) on the day of the puja with priest or in advance at temple.
c) Transportation for the priest is at the discretion of the devotee. Devotee can pick and drop the priest at the temple before and after the services. Alternatively, if Devotee wants the priest to drive, then there will be travel charge of 55 cents/mile (IRS Policy) that shall be paid directly to the priest. Mileage will be calculated to and fro from temple address. Mileage charges are in addition to Dakshina & temple charges
d) Travel time expenses and dakshina amount need to be paid to the priest after the services.5) Cancellations need to be made at least 48 hours before the scheduled puja date. Cancellation charges ($50 for outside poojas & $25 for poojas at temple) will be collected if 48 hour notice is not given.
e) Basic Puja Setup has to be done by devotee and he/she should be ready with the item list suggested by priest for the puja. Additional charges of $50/hour will apply if the delay is because of devotee’s unpreparedness for the f) Puja or time of the puja is changed without 48 hour notice. 7) Change in date/time/location or cancellation of service need to be notified 48 hour in advance to avoid Change/Cancellation Fee.
g) For pujas scheduled at temple location, devotees are expected to arrive 30 minutes prior to puja start time. It is devotee’s responsibility to clean the puja area after the puja is over. Private puja at temple can be scheduled only during temple timings listed on our website.
h) In case of Private puja scheduled at temple, there will be additional charges for temple dining hall/kitchen usage if applicable

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana Facilities:

Main Worship Hall
Function/Dining Hall
Grounds Information
Parking Lot Information

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana Kitchen Rental Policies:

Temple Kitchen and its facilities may be available for rent based on availability and rules of the temple. Please refer to the Kitchen Rental and Facilities Policy for more information.

Menu items are subject to change without notice depending on availability and season.

Outside Food is not allowed to be served in the temple due to religious and political restrictions of the temple.

Note: only vegetarian / Saathvik dishes are prepared and served without onion, garlic and / or masala.

Contact the kitchen committee chair for more details or for more information.

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana Address

3350 N. German Church Road,
IN 46235
Phone: 1-844-IN-HINDU (844) 464-4368, (317) 891-9199.
Email: seva@htci.org

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana Hours

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