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Hinduism Glossary of Terms – N

Nada =  (1) Metaphysical- The first movement of Siva-sakti towards manifestations. (2) In Yoga- The unstruck sound experienced insusumna. (3) When Sakti fills up the whole universe with Nadanta she is designated as Nada. This is also Sadasiva tattvabecause of the apposition of I and this is in the same principle.
Nada =  interior spontaneous sound
Nada-bindu =  The first creative pulsation and its compact mass; the creative sound and light; Sakti and Siva.
Nadanta =  Subtle energy of pranava
Nadi =  subtle channel of prana
Nadi-samhara =  Dissolution of prana and apana into susumna.
naivedyam =  offering (eatables)
Naiyayika =  the follower of Nyaya philosophy; logician; dialectician.
namaskAra =  salutation, prostrating down
n^andhi, nandi =  Birth-deathless, Often refers to the chief guard of Lord shiva
Nasika =  Pranasakti flowing in a zigzag way in Prana, Apana and Susumna channels.
nAsthikam =  Atheism
nAtham =  The sound of Pranava. The deity as representing the sound of the Pranava ; God, as present in the universe, when at the very beginning of evolution, the great Sound or Subdam or Natham bursts forth ; cosmic matter in the state of Sound.
nAyanmAr =  (the people of the Lord), The 63 great devotees who excelled in their love for the Lord shiva (lived in thamiz nadu and nearby lands)
Navavargaka =  Letters pertaining to nine classes
Navatma =  Of nine forms.
Nibhalana =  Perception; mental practice.
Nigraha kriya =  Siva’s act of Self-veiling.
Nijananda =  In anava upaya, the first stage of ananda arising from concentration on prana leading to the resting of the mind on the subject or experient.
Nimesa =  Lit; Closing of the eye-lid, (1) dissolution of the world; (2) the inner activity of spanda by which the object is merged into the subject; (3) the dissolution of the Sakticakra in the Self; (4) the involution of Siva in matter.
Nimilana Samadhi =  The inward meditative condition in which the individual consciousness gets absorbed into the Universal Consciousness.
Nimitha kArana =  Efficient cause.
Nirananda =  The second stage of ananda in anava upaya resulting from the fixation of prana-sakti on sunya
Niradhara =  without support-objective or subjective
Nirasraya =  without any prop or base
Nirmala or Ninmala =  The Perfect Being ; The Pure Being.
Nirodhika or nirodhini =  a subtle energy of pranava
Nirvana =  Dissolution in Sunya; liberation
Nirvikalpa =  Devoid of all thought-construct or ideation.
Nirvikalpasamadhi =  The highest state of samadhi, in which the aspirant realizes his total oneness with Brahman
NirvikArI =  The unchangeable.
Nirvrti =  Ananda
Nirvyutthana = Samadhi Samadhi (absorption into the Universal Consciousness) which continues even when is not engaged in formal meditation.
niShkAmya =  not seeking any favour
Niskala =  partless; undivided, Siva above manifestation or creation.
Nistaranga =  free of undulation or commotion.
Nityatva =  eternity
Nivesa or nivesana =  entry into the Universal Consciousness
niyama =  ritual
Niyati =  Limitation by cause-effect relation; spatial limitation, limitation of what ought to be done and what ought not to be done.

Hinduism Glossary of Terms – N

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