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History of Muzhu Neeru Poosiya Munivar | Muzhuneeru Puchiya Munivar

The munis are completely colored in Holy Ash. The Lord who burned the three fortresses with his gracious smile, who burned the dheva of desire with a wink of his eyes, who dances in Enjo with his eyes, who dances enjoying the Self when the creations are reduced in ashes before the regeneration as the lords The blessed holy substance is the holy ashes. The three adorable Holy Ash qualified kaRpam, ukarpam, upakarpam and unacceptable akarpam, it is necessary to accept the first three who purify them of defects as of desire.

When the cows that give the five sacred substances that the Lord is to anoint are about to send them, accepting this with the gomaya mantra, into the sacred fire cultivated for the Lord shiva with the shiva mantra praised by the heavenly bodies, thus putting greet the cow dung The sacred feet of the Lord of the three eyes, the holy ash that results is chaste karpam.

Bring the manure that dries in the woods, sprinkle it, wet it with the water of the cows, with the atthira mandhiram throw it and then put on the ritual fire and take the holy ash properly burned is the anukarpam.

Outside the ashes of the forest fire, the fire in the cows’ yard and some of these ashes, producing manure balls with the water of the cow singing the sacred mantras, then burning them in ritual fire and ashes obtained is called Upakarpam

In this way, taking the sacred ashes humbly chanting Shiva’s mantra, the slaves of the Lord adorn themselves with their ornaments. The holy ash, its fame and its fruits are very interesting to explain, which makes it a good thing for the faithful who use spiritual progress with respect. Munis carry this sacred substance praising the god. May the sacred ashes and its glory, as they have been discovered by the muzu nu Iru puchiya munivar, remain in the spirit.

This chapter of periya puranam describes in detail how to prepare sacred ash and how to use it.

History of Muzhu Neeru Poosiya Munivar | Muzhuneeru Puchiya Munivar

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