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HSBV Kalamandir Rental Policy | Brazos Valley Shri Omkarnath Temple

Hari OM! Welcome to the Hindu Society of Brazos Valley (HSBV). We are pleased to offer this opportunity to use our HSBV facilities. The HSBV facilities include three main units and these are Shri Omkarnath Temple (main temple), Saraswathi Kalamandir (large hall) and the community kitchen. It is important that we share with you our understanding that the primary use of these facilities is for worship and
promotion of Hinduism and Hindu culture. Individuals or groups may rent Saraswathi Kalamandir (a large hall), for social programs such as birthday celebrations, upanaynam, weddings, memorial service, and any other activities that are consistent with the mission of the HSBV and approved by the HSBV. These facilities are places of worship and God’s abode. We request you to treat these facilities with great respect and care and return the space to its original set-up and condition.

General Information:

1) The HSBV and HSBV sponsored groups will have first priority on use of these facilities.
2) Reservations are not considered final until a rental agreement and deposit are on file, and approval is given by the HSBV president.
3) The maximum capacities of these facilities are Saraswathi Kalamandir: 300; and Shri Omkarnath Temple: 150.
4) The use of Shri Omkarnath Temple is restricted to worship services and Hindu discourses.
5) The HSBV facilities are rented to individuals or to groups to conduct activities that are consistent with the mission of the HSBV.
6) Use of facilities for private functions will be considered on a case by case basis.
7) Close supervision of children by the users during the course of a meeting or program is expected.
8) Consumption of alcohol, meat, and tobacco products on the HSBV facilities is not permitted.

Brazos Valley Shri Omkarnath Temple

Use of Buildings and Facilities:

1) No furniture or equipment may be removed from the HSBV facilities without the written permission.
2) Keys to the facilities will be issued to the renter by the temple priest after the approval from the HSBV President upon receiving the deposit check. Keys have to be returned to the priest at the temple or at his residence after the event. If it is past 9.00 PM, please return the keys to the priest the following day at his earliest convenience.
3) Please return all indoor and outdoor facilities to the set-up and condition in which
you found it.
4) Tables and chairs must be cleaned and put away as they were found.
5) All indoor facilities should be vacuumed or mopped after a meeting or program. It is the responsibility of the renter to bag and haul the trash out of HSBV facility. HSBV will provide trash bags.
6) The sound system will not be provided unless an operator authorized by HSBV President is present during the function and is responsible for the sound system. It is the responsibility of the renter to make arrangements with the HSBV President to set up a mutually convenient time for training about operation of the sound system.
7) Thermostats are pre-set. If the thermostat settings are altered during a meeting or a program please return them to the indicated settings prior to leaving the building.
8) The renters of the community kitchen must clean the kitchen and any utensils used to their original condition. Cooking must be strictly restricted to vegetarian foods only.
9) Use of onions and garlics is not allowed in the community kitchen to honor the feelings of all sections of our community.
10) Use of any alcoholic beverages within the temple premises is strictly prohibited.

Fee Schedule:

1) There is no charge for the use of HSBV facilities for activities that are consistent with the mission of the HSBV as determined by the HSBV board as long as the participants are not charged.
2) Renters for private parties are required to deposit a check for $200. The deposit check will be returned when the renter restores the HSBV facilities to the condition in which it was offered and keys are returned.
3) For private parties, rent for the HSBV facility is $500 for full day and $250 for half day (6 hours maximum) payable in full at the time of issuing the keys to the renter.
4) For non-profit organizations conducting activities that are consistent with the mission of the HSBV no deposit is required, and rent for the HSBV facility will be $125 for full day and $60 for half day (6 hours maximum).
5) The use of community kitchen will be allowed at the discretion of the HSBV board for special occasions subject to the conditions listed above. The rent will be $100 per day.
6) There will be no charge for memorial services

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