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Huge Pilgrims in Tumburu Teertha 2016

23-03-2016, Tirumala: A standout amongst the most vital teerthas of Tirumala, Tumburu Teertha saw immense convergence of devotees on Wednesday, regarding the yearly mukkoti celebration which was seen on the promising Phalguna Pournami day.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has organised all the necessary arrangements like Annaprasadam, water and butter milk packets. The ttd has arranged many points for the 9 km distance Tumburu Teertha seshachalam forest.

The vigilance in co-appointment with the police and forest divisions has additionally made security plans keeping in perspective the wellbeing of the pilgrims.

TTD Trust Board member Mr.G Bhanuprakash Reddy and other officers also took part in this Holy fete.

Tumburanada Swamy Tumburu-Teertham




photo from ttd

Huge Pilgrims in Tumburu Teertha 2016

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