Idagunji Ganapathi Temple Hours, Sevas, Poojas and Homa Details

Poojas and Sevas are offered to the Lord Ganapathi by the Idagunji Ganapathi Temple Administrator. Homas are very ancient powerful rituals that dispel negative energies and invokes divine energies. These homas are performed to help people in all spheres of life: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Idagunji Ganapathi Temple Sevas Seva Description Amount in
Aarati Pooja performed to Lord Ganesha with a lighted lamp 5:00
Bagila Jatakan Pooja Pooja performed near the door to Mooshaka by offering a bunch of banana 5:00
Chandanabhisheka (5 pots) Abhisheka to Lord Ganesha with 5 pots of Chandana 5:00
Modhaka Naivedya (Article extra) Modhaka, the sweet is offered to Lord Vinayaka 10:00
Panchamrata Panchamrata, a sweet made out of 5 items like milk, ghee, curd, honey and jaggery is offered to God Ganesha 10:00
Trishati Archana to the Lord by chanting 300 names of Ganesha 10:00
Doorvarchane Doorve, three-bladed grass is offered to Lord Ganesha 15:00
Kumkumarchane Kumkum, a special red powder is offered to Vinayaka 15:00
Vahana Pooja Pooja performed to vehicles 15:00
Appane Cheeti Seeking permission(Appane) of Lord Ganesha by writing a letter(cheeti) and placing it on the right and left foot of the Lord. If the letter on the right falls, it is considered ‘YES’ and left suggests as ‘NO’. Usually done before buying a vehicle, house or site, marriage and joining a job. 20:00
Ashtottara Shatanama Pooja performed to the Lord by chanting 108 names of Ganesha 25:00
Rudrabhisheka Pooja performed to Lord Vinayaka by chanting ‘Rudra Mantra’ and abhisheka by water 25:00
Kalpokta Sahasranama Pooja performed to the Lord by chanting 1000 names of Ganesha 50:00
Hoovina Pooja Pooja performed to Lord Ganesha with flowers 50:00
Phala Panchamrata Phala Panchamrata, a sweet prepared with milk, ghee, curd, honey, jaggery, fruits, raisins, dates and different types of dal are offered to Lord Ganesha 50:00
Upanishat Parayana (21) Prayers to Lord Vinayaka by chanting 21 Upanishath mantras 50:00
Tulabhara (Article extra) Offering an item equal to the weight of a person. Item can be coconut, fruits, rice, Arecanut or even silver. 100:00
Benne Alankara Seva (Bring Butter) Lord Ganesha is decorated in butter and the pooja is performed to him. 100:00
Aksharabhyasa Pooja performed to Maha Ganapathi when the child starts reading and writing. 100:00
Sarvabharan Pooja Pooja performed to Lord Vinayaka by decorating Him with silver ornaments. 300:00
Yearly Sankashti Seva Pooja performed on Sankashti every month for 1 year. Prasada of Sankashti Seva is sent to the devotees for 12 months. 300:00
Maha Pooja Maha abhisheka and pooja performed to Lord Ganesha at noon. 400:00
Ganahoma (1 Coconut) Homa performed by offering 1 coconut to Ganapathi. 401:00
Satya Ganapathi Vratha Worship of Lord Ganapathi by offering Him fruits, flowers, prayers and reading the Sathyaganapathi Katha. 401:00
Satya Narayana Vratha Worship of Lord Satyanarayana (a form of Lord Vishnu) by offering Him fruits, flowers, prayers and reading the Sathyanarayana Katha. 401:00
Shanikathe Worship of Lord Shani deva by offering Him fruits, flowers, prayers and reading the Shani Katha. 401:00
Shashwatha Seva (Yearly 1 day) Seva to Lord Vinayaka on the day specified by the devotee. 501:00
Vinayaka Shanthi Pooja to Lord Vinayaka before starting any good work. Usually done before celebrating a marriage, joining a job, etc. 1201:00
Shani Shanthi Pooja performed to God Shani. 1201:00
Nityanandadeepa (1 Year) A lamp is lite, every day for the whole year in devotee’s name. 1500:00
Shashwatha Annadana Seva (Yearly 1 day) Prasada bhojana is served to all devotees visiting Idagunji devasthana on a day specified by the donor. Ganapathi prasada is sent to the donor. 1501:00
Sarvalankara Pooja Pooja performed to Lord vinayaka by decorating Him with gold ornaments. 1501:00
Shashwatha Sankashti Seva Pooja performed on Sankashti day every month for a lifetime. Ganapathi prasada is sent every month to the devotees. 2000:00
Sankashti Udyapana Vrata (Special) Sankashti vrata which is followed by a devotee every month is concluded (closing ceremony) by performing a homa (big scale) 3001:00
Moolamantra Modaka Havana Havana performed by chanting Ganapathi Moola mantra and offering 1008 Modaka to homa. 3001:00
Sarva Seva of 1 day All Sevas performed to Maha Ganapathi in one day 3001:00
Upanishat Havana (By 4 Dravya) Havana performed by chanting Upanishat mantra and offering 4 items like dhoorbe, Samidha, Hodhlu and Modaka to homa. 3501:00
Navagraha Shanthi Pooja performed to 9 Grahas,namely, Soorya, Chandra, Mangala, Budha, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Raahu and Kethu. 3601:00
Upanishat Havana (By Modaka) Havana performed by chanting Upanishat mantra and offering Modaka to homa. 4001:00
Shashwat Ganahavana / Satya Ganapati Vrata / Satya Narayana Vrata (Yearly 1 day) Ganapathi havana performed by offering 8 items namely, Modaka, Avalakki, Hodhlu, Yellu (Thill), Hittu (Flour), Banana, Coconut and Sugarcane to homa. 5001:00

Mhatobar Ganesha Temple Open and Close Hours:

Morning: 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Afternoon: 3:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Mhatobar Ganapathi Temple Address:

Idagunji Ganapathi Temple,
Idagunji Road,
Idagunji Katri,
Karnataka 581423.
Temple Office Phone: 08387 247227
Guest House/Mangala Karyalaya: 08387 296827

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