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Important Festivals Celebrated in Yadadri Temple

Yadadri Temple Openings, Closing Hours:

4.00 AM to 9.45 PM

Yadadri Temple Festivals List:

1) Bramhostavams for 11 days
2) Jayanthi
3) Swathi (every month on Swathi Nakshatram (i.e Birth star of Swamy varu) at 4-30 AM to 7-00 AM as per Agama Shastra procedure. 750/- Two persones allowed)
4) Pavithrostavams
5) Adhyanotsavams
6) Sri Swamy vari Adhyayanotsavams
7) Dhanurmasams
8) Annakutothsavam (Celebrated on Kartheeka Pournami)
9) Ramanuja Thirunakshathram
10) Nammalvar Thirunakshathram

Yadagirigutta Pancha Narasimha Swamy Temple

11) Manavala Mahammavari Thirunakshatram
12) Thirumanjari alwar Thirunakshatram
13) Thiruppavari alwar Thirunakshatram
14) Andal Thirunakshatram
15) Sri Krishna Janmastami
16) Margali Masam
17) Sri Rama Navami
18) Maha Shiva Rathri
19) Devi Navarathrulu
20) Hanumath Jayanthi

Yadadri Temple Address:

Yadagirigutta Temple Road,
Gandhi Nagar,
Telangana 508115.

Yadadri Temple Phone Numbers:

Executive Officer / Fax: 08685 – 236755
Administration Office: 08685 – 236645
Reception Office: 08685 – 236623
Tolegate: 08685 – 236620
Yogananda Nilayam: 08685 – 236664
Temple: 08685 – 236622

Important Festivals Celebrated in Yadadri Temple

2 thoughts on “Important Festivals Celebrated in Yadadri Temple

    1. Dear Narendar
      Things Required for Puja are :-
      • Photo of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha.
      • 6 Coconuts for kalasam and 1 to offer as naivaidya after each of the 5 stories
      • Flowers
      • Kumkum
      • Turmeric Powder
      • Prasadam (Rava Halwa)
      • Bananas for naivaidya
      • Tulasi leaves
      • Small glass for kalasam
      • Akshatas ( dry rice made yellow with turmeric powder)
      • Sandal wood paste or powder.
      • Panchambrutham ( Mix 1 spoon each of cows milk, curd, honey, sugar and ghee in a small cup )
      Arranging things for the Puja
      Create the Kalasam, spread a new cloth, put some rice on it, put a small container of water on the rice and put a coconut on top of the container, put kumkum mark on the coconut. This is the Kalasam. Keep Lord Lakshmi Narasimha’s Photo in front of it. Light the lamps (with cows ghee if possible else oil)
      And Sri Ganesha Dyanam, Achamanam,
      Pleas consult a nearby priest or just google as there is complete perferct procedure given by some peoples. Follow them and get the Blessings of the Lord.
      Om Namah Shivaya

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