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Kakutur Jain Temple, Nellore

The Jain Temple at Kakutur Village is located on the National Highway No 5 and is 12 km from Nellore city towards Chennai / Tirupati. It is in the Kakutur village, Venkatachalam Mandal of Nellore District. This temple is dedicated to the 24th Jain Thirthankara. The 24th is the Mahavira. This Jain temple is famously known as Kakaturtirath.

Kakutur Jain Temple History

According to historians, the influence of Jainism existed in Nellore between the 12th and 13th centuries. The idol of Varthamana, which is in front of the Varthamana Samajam was found while digging a tank in Barkas near the Collectorate office.

Nellore Jain Temple Architecture

Presently the Jains have constructed the 24th Theerthamkara Theerthadam in the five acres of land in Kakutur village, Venkatachalam Mandal of Nellore District. The foundation of the Theerthadam was laid in 1988 and on 25th April 1996. Acharya Vijaya Sree Kalapoorna Sureswar Maharaj consecrated the idol of Mahaveer. For the construction of the above temple red stones were brought from Bhagatpur of Rajasthan. The architectural work of the temple is so beautiful. The four idols of Mahaveer made of marble stones are erected on the four sides of the temple.
Kakutur Jain Temple

Every inch of the temple is carved and chiseled in such a beautiful and artistic fashion that viewers find no words to admire the dexterity and craftsmanship of the sculptors. Thirty-three “Theerthamkars” also adorn the temple. This is considered one of the best architectural Dhams in the world.

There are many luxurious hotels at Nellore.

How to reach Jain Temple Nellore

Once you reach Nellore, you can avail local transportation to reach the temple.
Several town buses are available to reach the Jain temple.
Nellore is a well-connected city to all other Indian cities through rail and road.

Kakutur Jain Temple Address

Kakaturtirath (Kakatur Jain Temple),
24 Tirthankar Tirathdham,
NH5, Kakutur Village,
Venkatachalam Mandal,
Nellore district,
Andhra Pradesh – 524320.

Kakutur Jain Temple, Nellore

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