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Jivitputrika Vrat Vidhi – Jitiya Pooja Procedure, Mantra, Meaning

Rituals are performed for the well-being of the child in the family during the Pitra Paksha period each year. The mothers offer mustard and khilli oil to the female ancestors and Lord Jimutvahana.

The eagle and the siyarin are offered with bangles and curds by the mothers of the children. Othgan Vidhi is practiced before the sunrise and mothers must also stop drinking water.

Jitiya Sloka / Mantra:

Yatraashtmi cha akshin krishnapakshe
Yatrodayan vai karute dineshah
Tada bhavet jivitputikasa
Yasyamudaya Bhanu Paran Navami Dine

Jitiya Sloka / Mantra Meaning:

The meaning of the lines written above is that fasting jivitputrika is observed on the day when dawn(sunrise) occurs in Ashtami and that Paaran Puja is executed in dawn (sunrise) after navami. It is the tradition to observe the fast. First, take a bath in the morning and pray for Jimutvahana.

The mother does not need to eat or drink anything all day. The ladies must then listen to Jimutvahana Katha with Eagle-siyari katha the same day and offer the prasad to the Lord. The paaran of the fast is finished after the dawn (sunrise) of the navami.

Fasting is observed with full dedication and faith for the long life of the child in the family and also for the well-being of family members. It is believed that the family is fortunate enough to continue the family name by praying the Jitmutvahana made of grass. Put this idol of grass in the water and offer bamboo leaves, chandan, flowers, etc. and then pray to the Lord.

Jivitputrika Vrat

Jivitputrika Vrat Vidhi – Jitiya Pooja Procedure, Mantra, Meaning

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