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Kadam Dam Adilabad Telangana

Kaddam Reservoir Timings: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The union of the River Kadam with the River Godavari in the Peddur village has the Kadam Reservoir project. This project which was built in 1964 is a major project over River Kadam.
The reservoir construction was started in 1949, and it was originally built to irrigate around 25000 hectares. However, the dam is now capable of irrigating an area of 68000 hectares. The Kadam dam is currently supplemented by the Sriram Sagar Project and the Saraswati canal to even out the localized dam.
Kadam Dam has a beautiful park adjoining it which forms an attractive picnic spot to tourists. Visitors can easily enjoy a relaxing day with family and friends in this place. Also, the water gushing out of the open flood gates give a picturesque view to the tourists.
The dam also has beautifully paved roads enabling the tourists to enjoy the scenic beauty taking quite evening strolls or even a brisk morning walk. The sides have been beautifully guarded with brick and mortar supports the pavement and also acts as good seats for tired visitors. Travelers always pose with their cameras to carry home a beautiful memory of their day out on the Kadam Dam.
Special Attractions: The Kadam Dam is the major attraction of this place as it gives an extraordinary spot for family outing.


Where to stay: Travelers visiting the Kadam Dam can make use of the accommodation available at Adilabad. Hotel Laxmi Residency, Hotel Sri Dhana Laxmi are some of the hotels near the dam. The Asra Lodge in Adilabad also provides a good stay. On the other hand, one can also stay at Nirmal Town or Nizamabad.

How to reach: The Kadam Dam can easily be reached from all major cities through road and rail. Buses run from Hyderabad to Nirmal which is located at a distance of 40 km from the dam. Visitors can avail local transport from Nirmal to Kadam Dam.

Nearest Railway Station: Adilabad Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the Kadam Dam.

Useful Contact Numbers:
Adilabad Tourism Officer: 9440816087
Kuntala Waterfalls Guide: Mr. Somanna – 9441078662
Sri Krishna Residency, Hotel, (Opp: Nirmal Toys Showroom, Nirmal),
Telephone Number: 08734-244255,
Mobile: 9705972103.

Kaddam Reservoir Capacity:
Total capacity 215,800,000 m3 (174,952 acre·ft)
Active capacity 137,100,000 m3 (111,149 acre·ft)[1]
Catchment area 2,590 square kilometres (1,000 sq mi)
Surface area 24.7 km2 (9.5 sq mi)
Year of completion: 1964
Height of Dam (Above deepest F.L.). 35.70M
Height of Dam (Above lowest Bed Level).30.70 M
Impounding capacity at F.R.L: 7603 Mcft
Top of dam: + 215.70M (708ft)
Max. Water level: + 213.21M (700ft)
Full reservoir level: + 213.21M ( 700ft)
Dead storage capacity: 78.70 M.cum
Length of the Dam (at Crest ) in Meters: 378M
Type, Number and Size of Spillway gates: Vertical/total-18 Gates ,9Nos 18.30×6.30M,9 Nos 18.30×4.60M

Kadam Dam Adilabad Telangana

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