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Kanipakam 2023 Brahmotsavam Dates

In Kanipakam village, a wonderful festival called the Brahmotsavams takes place for 21 days, starting on Vinayaka Chaturthi. This special time is all about showing love to Lord Sri Varasidhi Vinayaka Swamy. The festival begins with rituals and pretty clothes for the idol. There are also big parades with music and devotional songs. Free food and places to stay for devotees are provided. This celebration unites people and helps them feel a strong connection to God. It’s a period of belief, joy, and showing kindness to one another. Kanipakam 2023 Brahmotsavam Dates, Vahanam Details are mentioned below.

About the Temple

Kanipakam Vinayaka Swamy Temple History, Timings, Sthala PuranaKanipakam is a small village located beside the Bahuda River. The name “Kani” means wetland, and “Pakam” means the flow of water. According to the ancient stories of the Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple, Sri Varasidhi Vinayaka Swamy appeared on his own (Swayambu). This temple was constructed in the 11th century by Chola King Kuluthunga Chola-I and later expanded in 1336 during the rule of the Vijayanagara Dynasty emperors.

Kanipakam 2023 Brahmotsavams Dates

Kanipakam celebrates Brahmotsavams for approximately 21 days, Starting on 18th September with Vinayaka Chaturthi and ending on 8th October with Teppotsavam.

Kanipakam 2023 Brahmotsavam Dates/Schedule:

DayDateMonthSeva / Vahanam
Monday18SeptemberVinayaka Chativithi, Gramotsavam
Tuesday19SeptemberDwajarohanam (morning), Hamsa Vahanam (night)
Wednesday20SeptemberNemali Vahanam
Thursday21SeptemberMushika Vahanam
Friday22SeptemberChinna Sesha Vahanam(morning), Pedda Sesha Vahanam(night)
Saturday23SeptemberChiluka Vahanam (morning), Vrushaba Vahanam(night)
Sunday24SeptemberGaja Vahanam

Tuesday26SeptemberTiru Kalyanam(morning), Aswa Vahanam(night)
Wednesday27SeptemberTrisula Snanam(morning), Ekanata Seva, Vadayattu Ustavam

Other Special Ustavams are also performed during Vinayaka Chativithi at Kanipakam Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple 2023 Brahmotsavams.

Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple Special Ustavams

DayDateMonthSeva / Vahanam
Thursday28SeptemberAdikarika Nandi Vahanam
Friday29SeptemberRavana Brahma Vahanam
Saturday30SeptemberYali Vahanam
Monday02OctoberSuryaprabha Vahanam
Tuesday03OctoberChandraprabha Vahanam
Wednesday04OctoberKamadhenu Vahanam
Thursday05OctoberKalpavruksha Vahanam
Friday06OctoberPulangi Seva
Saturday07OctoberPushpa Pallaki Seva

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