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Karuvannur Karanayil Timings, History, Pooja

Karuvannur Karanayil Temple is known as the Ancestral home of Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy by decades, Here we are performing powerful poojas by using Ancestral Secret mantras and Tantrik and Mantrik karmas followed by our great Grandfathers. KARUVANNUR KARANAYIL DEVASTHANAM is the Traditionally trusted Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Seva Mantrikam Temple Situated at Karuvannur Cheriyapalam in Thrissur Kerala.

Devotees who are visiting Karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam must identify themself by viewing the ancestral home temple, And the very specialty is where lord Sree Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan Swamy is living along with Devasthanathipathi and other family members inside the SREEKOVIL specially built by our great grandfather more than 400yrs back, we have not constructed new generation temple or attractions because here we are following the tradition hand covered by our great grandfathers.

Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy Timings: 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Birth Story of Vishnumaya Chathan:

Lord Siva, with his aid and troops, while hunting wild animals in the forest reached a place called Koolikkunnu – a beautiful forest blessed with a stream and meadows. While resting at the Koolikunnu, he saw a young, beautiful forest girl – half nakedly bathing in the river. Lord Siva was stunned to see her beauty and got a strong desire to possess her. He asked her name and whereabouts. Her name was Koolivaka, the daughter of the forest king. After knowing her name and details, Lord Siva expressed his interest in her, flirted with her and wooed for sexual pleasure. But, Koolivaka, who is an ardent devotee of Goddess Parvathy, realized that the hunter standing in front of her is not an ordinary man, but Lord Paramasiva himself. In order to escape, she told a lie to Lord Siva that she is in her period and hence could not be touched. She promised to satisfy his desire after 7 days, at the same place.

Koolivaka, in deep feeling, prayed to Sree Parvathy, the wife of Lord Siva about the incident and sought her help to solve the problem. Sree Parvathy Devi appeared before Koolivaka and consoled telling her that She (Parvathy) will meet Lord Siva in disguise at the appointed place and time. Accordingly, Sree Parvathy Devi met Lord Siva in disguise with the help of Lord Mahavishnu. Lord Siva enjoyed all sexual pleasures with Sree Parvathy who came in disguise of Koolivaka with the help of Mahavishnu. After receiving the sperm from Lord Siva, Parvathy deposited the ovule in two Cubers (Kizhangu). One cuber was deposited at the river bank and the other was gifted to Koolivaka and advised Koolivaka to eat it. Parvathy Devi blessed Koolivaka saying that she will give birth to a child, who has the strength and capabilities of Lord Siva and Parvathy if she (Koolivaka) ate that cuber. The cuber deposited at the riverside gave birth to 300 Chathan kids.

As instructed by Sree Parvathy, Koolivaka ate the cuber. On eating the Cuber (Kizhangu), Koolivaka became pregnant. When the delivery time approached, Koolivaka suffered from acute pain and feared that she will die out of pain. She prayed to Lord Mahavishnu for smooth delivery. Quickly, a child with exquisite features was born in Maya of Mahavishnu. Hence this child is known as Vishnumaya. Since Vishnumaya was born to a jungle woman, he is known by his pet name Chathan. The name Kuttichathan was fallen upon him when he is small and ever young. In order to comply with religious rituals like ‘Charadu Kettu’ and the naming ceremony, education Koolivaka decided to take the child to his father Lord Siva. With this mission, Koolivaka went to ‘Kailasa’ – the abode of Lord Siva and Parvathy. On seeing Koolivaka with her child at Kailasa, Lord Siva got scared and instructed his aids to bring Koolivaka stealthy to him without the notice of Sree Parvathy. But Sree Parvathy Devi knows all the facts, reached the scene, and explained to Lord Paramasiva what has happened. Lord Sive became happy over Parvathy Devi’s revelations. Lord Siva adorned a yellow twain (Poonool) on the baby and named him Vishnumaya and blessed him with all the powers to protect the weak and informed him that his name will be known in Three Worlds. He also gifted a big, strong and beautiful buffalo for his travel and ordered his aid and troops to obey all orders of Vishnumaya. Goddess Parvathy presented to Vishnumaya with two short sticks (Kuruvadies) as his most powerful weapon to fight against injustice and to, protect the devotees in their problems.

The main deity in the KARANAYIL DEVASTANAM is Vishnumaya, who is the son of Lord Siva and Parvathi, sent to earth to redress the grievances of the devotees

Karuvannur Karanayil Devasthanam

Importance of Pooja in Karanayil :

Here devotees will find relief from their Sorrows and Lord Vishnumaya Swamy will shower Blessings And Prosperity to his Devotees Irrespective of Cast, Creed, or Religion. Lord Sree Vishnumaya Will give immediate solutions for his devotee’s problems to those who are giving poojas and special offerings to the lord, as lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy is known as the supreme power in kali yuga. Performing special poojas to lord Vishnu Maya Swamy will give you an incredible increase in wealth, Hike in profession and business, Reunion of the separated family members or persons, Get desired things done immediately, Removal of black magic and black power effects, Elimination of the enemies, etc. Whatever complicated matters disturbing in your life can be solved by performing poojas and giving offerings to lord Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan Swamy. Devotees can feel the differences in their life after performing poojas and giving offerings to lord Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy At Karanayil Devasthanam.


It is easy to solve all the problems if you can find the root cause of the problems. Here you can tell about your problems to Vishnu Maya Swamy at the time of Niyogam. The presence of Lord Sree Vishnumaya is felt in the Priest in the dancing form known as niyogam. At these times you will get straight advice from the lord about the problems and which poojas will give you a permanent solution for your problems and doshas. Niyogam starts every day at 12.00 noon(book niyogam darshan). Those who are unable to come for niyogan can inform Their problems to devasthanathipathi (chief priest) by phone, He will tell about your problems directly to the lord at the time of niyogan and after the niyogam details and solutions for your problems will inform you. The lord Vishnumaya Swamy needs special poojas to get desired things done and the removal of the doshams for his devotees, Here at Karanayil Devasthanam we are performing very old and secret pooja mantras and powerful thantrika karmas to get immediate solutions for their problems with the blessings of lord Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy, after performing poojas we will send the prasadam and pooja details with follow-ups to devotees address through Postel or courier.

Pooja Details:

  • Saktheyavellattu karmam
  • Vellattukarmam
  • Brahmavellattu karmam
  • Amavasi pooja
  • Thrikalapooja
  • Gheepayasam
  • Milkpayasam
  • Kadumpayasam
  • Small kalasam
  • Big kalasam
  • Small Sakteyapushpanjali
  • Big Saktheyapushpanjali
  • Atmaraksha pooja
  • Karyasiddhy pooja
  • Bhagavathy seva
  • Sakthrusamhara Pushpanjali
  • 108coin kizhi
  • Alankarapooja
  • Abishekapooja
  • Coin archana
  • Thrikalapooja small
  • Akathe pooja
  • Panakapooja
  • Ghee vilakku
  • Pushpanjali


Karanayildevasthanam celebrates Vishnumaya Swamys birthday called Tiravellattu Maholsavam every year. tiravellattu maholsavam is the main festival at karanayil Sevasthanam. giving your prayers and offerings to Vishnumaya Swamy on these days is very impotent to get prosperity to you and your family. Karanayil devasthanam invites all Vishnumaya Swamy;s, devotees, with the family to visit the temple at the time of Tiravellattu Mahotsavam. Tiravellattumaholsavam details will be announced through this website, all leading newspapers and visual media.


Karanayildevasthanam celebrates thottampattu maholsavam every year. this festival is for machil bhagavathi (Durga) this festival is also very important for devotees. At the time of this one-day festival machil bhagavathi and vishnumaya come on nritham to bless the devotee hundreds of devotees visiting the temple at the time of thottampattu Mahotsavam details of tottampattu Mahotsavam will be announced through the website, all leading newspapers and visual media.


Karanayildevasthanam celebrates kalampattumaholsavam every year. At the time of kalampattu Mahotsavam machilbhagavathi and Vishnu Maya and gurumuthappan come in the form of their nritham and shower blessings on the devotees. Hundreds of devotees visited the temple at the time of the kalampattu Mahotsavam. Kalampaattu Mahotsavam will be announced through our website, leading newspapers and visual media.


Karanaayildevasthanam conducts mahachandika Homam once in three years. At the time of Maha Chandika Homam devotees can feel the presence of all gods at karanayil devasthanam.at the time of the Mahachandika Homam here will the presence of lord shiva and Parvathi, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahmavu, Lord Sree Krishnan, Lord Ayyappa, lord kalabhairavan .this is a very important day for devotees, maha Chandika homam will be announced through our website, leading newspapers and visual media. Devotees have to book in advance for their poojas and offerings.

By Road: call us to get the shortcut routes (send a message SHARE MAP from your WhatsApp number to +919605535555 you will get Google map location automatically)

By Bus: Trichur town sakthan tampuran bus stand to IRINJALAKKUDA KODUNGALOOR BUS alight at KARUVANNUR CHERIYAPALAM STOP and cal auto-rickshaw to VIMOD KARANAYIL DEVASTHANAM

By Taxi or Auto: From Trichur town call an auto or taxi to KARUVANNUR CHERIYAPALAM KARANAYIL DEVASTHANAM(call us from a taxi we will explain the correct route to your driver)

For Google Map Route: message ‘SHARE MAP’ from your WhatsApp number to +919605535555

Devotees can contact us at the above phone numbers to book your visiting appointments and clarifications, Devotees those who are planning to visit Karuvannur Karanayil Temple should take a prior appointment. Devotees those who are not able to come directly please mail or WhatsApp your NAME, STAR, DATE OF BIRTH, BIRTHPLACE AND LIVING PLACE ALONG WITH THE PROBLEMS DETAIL to email or WhatsApp.

Email: vishnumaya@kuttichathan.com WhatsApp +91 960 553 5555

Karuvannur Karanayil Address:

Karuvannur Cheriyapalam,
Thrissur District,
Kerala – 680711.
Phone No: +91 960 553 5555,+91 965 693 5555

Karuvannur Karanayil Timings, History, Pooja

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